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  • An excellent on-line password management system.

    Alex Leonard
  • I love it, and helps me keep all my passwords secure and organized. Asked all my family to join in too, so we can share Pwds.

  • Over all the years, this is my 1st experience with truly responsive customer experience with any service, be it online or in-person retail.

  • I’ve made Passpack my home page. You have an awesome product!

  • What can I say – Passpack is a life saver.

    Aurelijus Valeisa
  • I love the new Passpack – I’m pretty sure I’d be screwed without it – good work people!

  • Thanks again for your excellent service and prompt response. I plan to use Passpack daily for many years to come!

    Jonathan Golden
  • I’ve never had an application become so integral a part of my online daily life.

    Anonymous User
  • I just love using Passpack, first I was a little skeptical, but now I use it regularly! World’s best password manager.

    Johan Svanberg
  • You have one of the most mind blowing, safest, greatest, most useful services ever!

    Anonymous User
  • I’m really impressed by your site. Your approach is absolutely perfect.

    Jean-Franois Ct
  • Killer app!

    Anonymous User
  • The system is fabulous and very easy to use, with some great help files.

  • I’ve been using Passpack personally for some time now… just seems to get better and better. I have yet to find a competing solution that doesn’t come up short in one important area or another.


I Have 15 Users, Do I buy 15 accounts?

No, you only need purchase one upgraded account for your entire company which allows you to share with a certain number of people (“Shared Users”). Anyone you share with – your clients, partners, employees, whoever – are all welcome to use Free accounts.

Payment Options.

Passpack accepts all major credit cards via Paypal. In most cases having a PayPal account is optional.

Browser Requirements.

Passpack works with the latest stable versions of Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7+.

No Free Trial?

Passpack offers something even better than a Free trial, we give you a Free Account. You only need to upgrade when and if you need the features of a premium account, Take your time we’re not rushing you.

Getting Started - Users Guide for Admins.

The Getting Started Guide for Admins (PDF) will walk you through getting everyone up and running with Passpack.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Passpack provides a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. No questions asked. Well, we might ask why you are dissatisfied, but we will still cheerfully give you a refund.