Three Step Set-Up

1. Do You Have Adobe AIR Installed?

YES Skip to Step 2.
NO Download and install that first by following Adobe’s instructions. If you get a warning, press “Run” and wait for the setup program to finish.

2. Download Passpack Desktop

Save PasspackDesktop_2-2-5.air file to your desktop. Double click it to begin installation.

3. Do you have a account?

YES Insert your User ID, Password and Packing Key the first time you open Passpack Desktop. This will automatically download a copy of your data. Afterwards, you will be able to access this copy of your data whenever you wish, no Internet connection needed, by simply providing your Packing Key. Also, check out how to sync with your online account.

NO, BUT I WANT ONE First sign up for a Passpack account, then follow the instructions above for “Yes”. Welcome to Passpack!

NO If you don’t want a account, you can still use Passpack Desktop as a stand-alone application. Just choose a User ID and leave the Password field blank. You will then be prompted to choose a Packing Key. That’s it, you’re done.


Latest Version: 2.2.5 – December 19, 2011

Is There an MD5 Checksum?

Version: 2.2.5.desktop | 1817kb
MD5: 21bed4f3193928b4e9989808c3ae650d

Desktop FAQ

That is your choice. Passpack Desktop can be used as a backup tool for Passpack account holders, or on its own.

If you are not a Passpack account holder, you will only be able to access your passwords from your own computer. This is a typical drawback of traditional password managers, and basically the reason we built as an online service to begin with. But if it makes you happy… go ahead [smile].

Passpack account holders have benefits: 24/7 secure access to their passwords from any computer connected to the Internet PLUS synchronization between as many Passpack Desktop installations as they wish via their online account. Sign up for Passpack here.

You need an Internet connection to download, install and set up Passpack Desktop. You should complete all three steps above so you’ll be ready if you ever get stuck without access to

<p>Some features require an Internet connection by nature so aren’t available in Passpack Desktop. For example auto-login, anti-phishing, disposable logins, messaging and sharing.</p>