We maintain a short list of the top support and product questions we receive here, however we recommend visiting our Support Center for  extensive help and documentation. You can get answers for all product questions using the support form found here or emailing us directly at  support@passpack.com

Top questions

Don’t. We do not have it and cannot recover it for you.  Really.  If you do lose your Packing Key read the support center article here.
If you forget your User Id or Password you can use this form to recover.
1 Click Login allows you to click a button in your browsers bookmarks toolbar and automatically login to your stored websites.
Have a look through our Help Center articles. You can search it, or browse it by topics to get an idea of everything Passpack can do.
You can download the Getting Started Guide for Admins (PDF) it will walk you through getting everyone up and running with Passpack..