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Who needs password management?

Internet users like you

Passpack gives you the tools to organize your passwords and store them securely all in one place. If you use the internet you need Passpack. Password Management is not just for power users!


You work hard for your family. You keep track of email accounts, bank accounts, you pay your bills, insurance, mortgage and taxes online. Passpack’s secure sharing feature lets you safely share your important login credentials and other sensitive data with the rest of your family.


If you are like most of us, you have to work. So in addition to your personal passwords, your employer probably has several passwords, PINS and security codes assigned to you that you need to remember and keep secure. Passpack can safely and securely store your work passwords along with your personal data and keep you organized.

Contractors and Freelancers

Working on multiple client projects requires organization and collaboration. Setting up accounts and credentials for client projects transferring them during the course of a project is common and with Passpack it is secure and simple. Passpack allows you to securely share with clients without requiring them to have a Passpack account.

IT Departments

Whether you are a one man show, or the head of a multinational IT department you have hundreds of passwords, PIN’s, registration codes, certificates and security codes to manage. Passpack lets you do this in a central repository that can be updated real time so that your spreadsheet doesn’t become your worst nightmare.

Businesses. Large & Small

Big enterprise spends BIG money on enterprise password software. Small business owners don’t have that luxury and larger business owners can save that money. With Passpack, you can give staff, partners and even outsourced workers access to the credentials they need to get their job done.

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  • Generous password limits
  • Synchronized Access from any supported browser
  • 2 Factor authentication
  • Unlimited number of password shared to you
  • Unlimited outgoing sharing to a single connection
  • Easy Import & Export
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