Data Privacy

Passpack Two Step Login Process

The “Pack” in Passpack comes from the bundle of locked up passwords inside your account.

Passpack can’t read
what’s in your pack

It’s encrypted before being saved over the Internet.

Only your Packing Key can unlock it.

And only you know your Packing Key.

Data privacy is the foundation of the entire Passpack system. Passpack was conceived specifically to handle critical data on a public network like the Internet. These are the three pillars which govern all product development at Passpack:

  1. User data must be locked-down and private.
  2. Collaboration need not be sacrificed in the name of Data Privacy, or vice-versa.
  3. Every user owns and controls their own data.

The Basics: Host-Proof Hosting

Host-proof Hosting is a public data privacy pattern. The main element of Host-Proof Hosting is that the Encryption Key is not known on the server. The provider or host, in this case Passpack, has no way of decrypting the data. By hosting sensitive data in encrypted form, only the user’s browser can access and manipulate it. Host-proof Hosting significantly reduces the potential for internal, or accidental data breaches.

Passpack’s Two Step Login

Passpack uses a two-step process that separates the authentication and decryption processes:

  1. Authentication. The user enters User ID and Password to log into his account. The server receives this and authenticates the user. Only after the user is properly authenticated will the server supply the encrypted data (the Locked Pack) back to the client application.
  2. Decryption. The user inserts an encryption key (Passpack’s Packing Key) which is then temporarily stored in the browser’s memory (it’s not written to disk, or stored anywhere else) and will be used to decrypt the users data. The Packing Key is also used to re-encrypt user data before sending it to the server for storage.

While technically possible to implement a Host-Proof Hosting application which uses a single step for both authentication and decryption, this two-step process allows for greater flexibility in developing collaborative features.

Shared Host-Proof Hosting

Shared Host-Proof Hosting is a proprietary extension of Host-proof Hosting which enables all Passpack’s collaboration features.

Passpack’s Two Step Login

Data Encryption

User data is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm. Each user’s data is encrypted separately (because each user has chosen his own secret Packing Key). Passpack requires users to choose a Packing Key at least 80bit. This is comparable to a typical SSL 1024bit certificate.

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