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Passpack Recap and Call For Message Testing!

The office has been buzzing with Monday morning news and I’ll try to get it all into one post. The Passpack weekend was eventful, to say the least and we also have yet another release on its way…but this one needs some user help. Here is a recap of the weekend and what is to come:

Passpack Sponsors Girl Geek Dinner

Last week we posted about Passpack’s sponsoring of Rome’s first ever Girl Geek Dinner and the outcome was a success! The evening really went well thanks to the help of everyone involved and we met some really interesting women. Take a look at some video and pictures from the night at

Auto-login Bug. Squashed.

Recently, users were telling us about the peculiar behavior of Passpack’s auto-login – it was happening to some of us here as well. It turns out, there was in fact a bug and the UTF-8 encoding was “getting lost in translation” during the encoding and decoding for the 1 Click Login encrypted mini-packs. In other words, some packs that contained entry titles with non alpha-numeric characters (for example ò, È, җ, ễ, ﭛ ,שּׁ) may have had difficulties with auto-login.
In other other words, auto-login was acting a bit naughty :)
Problem solved. Sorry to those of you who had to copy and paste your way around. Let us know if you are still experiencing any trouble.

Passpack Messaging Testers Needed

Tomorrow we are opening testing for Passpack messaging. Here’s a super sneak preview image…

If you’re wondering what messaging has to do with passwords – good question. Messaging is one of the first steps that Passpack is taking towards the release of full sharing passwords between accounts. Messaging will allow users to send encrypted messages from one Passpack user to other Passpack users of your choice. Do you see all the possibilities in store?

As long as you have a Passpack account and a friend with a Passpack account, you can be a tester.

Be the First to Test Messaging?

You and a friend contact Tara.
Testing is closed.

Girl Geek Dinner, Here We Come

Rome’s first Girl Geek Dinner less than one day away and we ladies are just about prepared.

Here’s a look into our to do list:

Girl Geek gadget
Tara’s speech

What we’re working on now, can’t be finished without the help of our Girl Geeks themselves. You may not have been able to make the trip to Rome, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss Tara’s speech or other highlights of the evening.

Join us Friday evening, September 26 and see what happens when Passpack sponsors Rome’s Girl Geek Dinner. Not only is most of the staff going, but our cameras are too.

Check out the photos from the event and let your friends know how much you love Girl Geeks by grabbing the badge.

So, see you on

Wow! Mind the Bridge and MSNBC

This weekend proved to be pretty full of surprises for Passpack. While we were working on our future releases, Passpack got some pretty noteworthy attention both in the States and in Italy. Take a look at why we all have smiles on our faces today…

Mind the Bridge

You may remember Passpack’s announcement of it’s first round of seed funding and since the start up world is a crazy race forward, we’ve already started thinking about our next round of funding and one of the first events we plan on participating in is Venice’s Mind the Bridge Venture Camp on October 10-11.

Passpack is officially one of the Fall 2008 Mind the Bridge finalists. We have been holding our breath for the past 2 weeks and news came in that Passpack was chosen, alongside 13 other start-ups.

Wish us luck!

Passpack Goes National – on MSNBC

We posted Passpack’s appearance on NBC-TV which aired in a few cities including Detroit, Palm Springs and Charlottesville, but guess what? MSNBC’s Tech Watch talked about Passpack too and this time it went national! If you didn’t get a chance to see it…


Email Security: Not Limited to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s email security hack has recently been the topic of every news outlet and only brings to light the importance of password management.

The password reset story has caught attention for more than obvious reasons and fingerpointing has become rampant, diverting the attention on Palin somewhat inappropriately. Speculation as to how her Yahoo account was compromised varies, but the VP Candidate may just be the perfect example of how common password habits can expose a common security risk. And poor password habits are not only restricted to potential Vice Presidents.

Alaska’s Governor Is Not the Only Target

Sarah Palin may have spared herself the negative public eye if she had followed the basic rules of password security: long is strong. This cannot be stressed enough but in light of the Palin email hack, strong responses to (password recovery) security questions is just as important. It’s just too easy to guess a zip code/pet’s name/mother’s maiden name – it’s rarely just guessing, all that information is usually found online.

Passpack’s notes field gives you the option of answering a rarely used, yet important security question with an obscure response:

Question: What’s your mother’s maiden name?

Answer:    8ZXjTlRkurCXLMwÒ¼8V’=ËçzÊâO£

Just generated this from Passpack in 2 seconds.<br />Who would guess that's my mother's maiden name?

Just generated this from Passpack in 2 seconds.Who'd guess that?

Passpack's New Additions: Yahoo! and Facebook

Passpack recently gave users the option of signing in with their OpenID, Google or Windows Live account. Now you can use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and Facebook with Passpack.

Keep in mind that if you’re not a Passpack user yet, you can sign up for an account using any of the above. And if you are a Passpack user, you can associate Yahoo! and Facebook accounts to Passpack.

Now the big question! We need the help of our users – TELL US:

Who should Passpack to add next? Twitter or FriendFeed?

Passpack Sponsors Rome's First Girl Geek Dinner

What are you doing on September 26, 2008? If you are a girl and you are a geek – Passpack is proud to sponsor the first ever Girl Geek Dinner in Rome, Italy!

We Passpack ladies are looking forward to socializing with our fellow technologically-inclined female friends. If you want to know a little more about GGD take a look and listen to this.

Sign up starts September 11 and the chosen Roman venue is Maud (did I mention this was the first ever for Rome?).

Get ready to Girl Geek it up with Passpack.

UPDATE: Sign up has officially started here !

SSL Certificate Issues With Explorer 7

Passpack recently upgraded it’s SSL certificate to an Extended Validation Certificate. Everything was working fine, however Internet Explorer 7 was not showing the typical “green bar“.

Upon installing the library for Apache which fixed the issue for Explorer 7 (last night), the certificate started showing as invalid for other browsers.

We’ve now removed the Explorer 7 specific library, and things have returned to normal. Explorer 7 will continue to see a white address bar (not green).

While there was no compromise in the actual security, I realize this might have caused some raised eyebrows and perhaps even a fright for some folks. I’d like to apologize.

Should you run into any problems with the SSL certificate, please contact us immediately so that we can get things fixed.

Tara Talks on Words Cause Radio

Tara was interviewed by Words Cause Radio on Saturday. If you are curious to know a little more about Passpack’s co-founder and the beginnings of Passpack, you may want to check out the Words Cause Radio show which features Passpack’s very own Tara who was asked to speak about how she has helped make more than just an idea. She also gives some great advice to those who may be thinking about starting a company of their own.

So sit back, relax and learn a little something about Tara and a little something more about Passpack and let us know what you’ve learned…