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This Week In Privacy: July 11, 2009

Government Computer News

With Passwords, Simplicity Can Equal Strength
We all know that ‘remembering’ complex passwords can be a bit troublesome, which is why we use password managers, but if you insist on keeping a few passwords to memory you may want to hear these tips.

Tips For Fighting Identity Theft
With all the info out there on how to protect your identity online, there’s no reason to keep your sensitive info unsafe anymore.

This Week In Privacy: May 16, 2009


Cyber Crime Spreads Its Viruses
Cybercrime is constantly on the rise and here is a brief yet concise look at just how serious an issue it is. Could this wave of theft be the new virus to really watch out for?

New Identity Theft Scheme Surprises Victim
We’re all aware the crime of illegally using someone else’s credit card number to purchase goods, but what about a credit card theft that is a bit more mysterious than the norm?

Password Paranoia (or, How to Melt Your Own Brain)
A funny look into the ideas and opinions of an average Internet user trying to make sense of the rules and safety tips of password protection.

This Week In Privacy: May 9, 2009

Ecommerce Journal

10 Ways Hackers Could Break Into Your Online Account
Here is a quick guide on how hackers can compromise sensitive and personal information on your computer. And once you know how it works, you have the power to protect yourself.

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On Your Side: Email Phishing Scams Exposed
Email phishing scams are the age-old way of personally identifying data theft, but is everyone really aware of how it works? And what can be done to prevent it.


UC Hacking Leaves Thousands At Risk of ID Theft
The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the hacking scam of thousands of alumni at UC Berkley and Mills College.  Just some of the data put at risk were social security numbers and student health insurance information.

This Week In Privacy: April 18, 2009


Phishers Use Loopholes, New Tech To Step Up Attacks
Cyber criminals no longer rely on the Nigerian email phishing hoax, but now “location-based spam” which takes victims to sites related to local disasters or other topics of interest seem to be the new phishing trend.

Saving vs. Remembering Passwords
A quick Q&A with some simple yet important questions which may give some insight on well known topics such as just how safe are passwords stored in your browser.


Avoid Internet Scams, Online ID Theft
The term identity has been vastly redefined in the age of Web 2.0. Here is a look at how identity has changed and what just how important it is to protect it.

This Week In Privacy: April 11, 2009

The Online News Hour

Cyber Crime and Spying Threaten National Security
The FBI has ranked cyber crime as the third-greatest threat to U.S. national security, after nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction. Here is a look at some examples of online crimes.

The Wichita Eagle

Scam Mimics Visa Security Program
Phony messages instructing Visa credit card -holders to sign up for the Verified by Visa program by downloading a form and pasting it into their Web browser sounds a bit more than phishy.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft increased by 50 percent nationally last year alone, and all 50 states experienced an increase in such cases from 2007. A few well known facts about identity theft and more.

This Week In Privacy: April 4, 2009

Computer Act!ve

Children Hack Friend’s And Family’s Online Accounts
Children hacking into and impersonating  friend’s online accounts? Facebook trends that could unknowingly put your passwords at risk? This is an interesting look at how the new generation perceive online identity.

Government Technology

Phishing For Passwords
You may think you know everything about password protection, but sometimes basic rules are the easiest to forget. Here’s a real story of a, IT savvy individual who fell victim to password theft.


A Who’s Who of Hackers
The title says it all. CNET gives us a list of some of the most infamous hackers of all time and their crime. The comments themselves are worth the read.

This Week In Privacy: March 28, 2009


Obama Cybersecurity Team Consults Rights Groups
U.S. President Obama and his cybersecurity team are working side by side with civil liberties groups, trying to ensure that steps taken towards securing the US nation’s computer infrastructure don’t cross any civil liberty boundaries.

New Alert After Online Theft Doubles
This UK published article talks about the growing rate of online identity theft. But it gets worse… banks may no longer want to take full responsibility for this rising cybercrime.


World’s 10 Worst Passwords
You’ve probably seen them before and wondered – Does someone really use that as a password? Your password may not be on the list, but are your password-protecting habits as good as your passwords?

This Week In Privacy: March 21, 2009


Comcast Customer Usernames, Passwords Exposed In Possible Phishing Attack
8,000 customer account information made public online? If one of the exposed passwords was reused for other accounts, someone could have access not only to one customer account, but all others with that same password.

Be Alert For a New Phishing Email!
If you have an account with, e-commerce/e-auction company, specializing in global trading, you may want to take a look at this phishing email alert.

Security Book Chapter: The Truth About Identity Theft
Worrying about your online security is vital. Wondering how safe the online applications you use is necessary. But sometimes all it takes to get someone’s password is just asking.

This Week in Privacy: March 14, 2009

New Identity Theft Law
The 2008, Section 114 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) does aim to protect financial institutions from identity theft, but just what is a financial institution? You might want to know.

Prevent Company Identity Theft
Some very useful tips on how to keep your company out of the hands of cyber criminals. An online-security-101 guide which proves to be fundamental.

Many Brits Use Same Password Across All Sites – Study
An amazing twenty percent of Brits use and reuse the same password across all their accounts! And that’s just one astounding fact from this quick UK study.

This Week In Privacy: Feb 28, 2009

ID Theft Tops List of 2008 Consumer Complaints
It’s no surprise, identity theft is consistent at placing number one in consumer complaint reports and 2008 is no exception. Here are a few statistics from the Federal Trade Commission.

Poor Password Practice Putting Users At Risk
Gartner research proves that internet users are using poor password management habits and reusing passwords. Awareness is increasing, now habits need to as well.


When Paranoia Isn’t Enough
Almost 10 million US adults victim of identity theft last year, and here  is one victim’s story, who luckily knew the impact this cyber crime can have.