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Passpack Desktop & Offline Version Updates

Quick release note. Passpack Desktop and Passpack Offline Version users, please go and download the most latest updates from the products page.

We’ve made a few minor updates and have realigned the functionality on both the Adobe AIR and Google Gears platforms. More importantly, a bug was fixed which was effected people who changed their Packing Key in the Desktop or Offline version, then were unable log back into the offline account afterwards.

  • If you have encountered this bug, please contact the Help Center for further instructions.
  • If you have never encountered this bug, simply download the newest versions and you’re all set.

This bug is not present online, it effects the installable products only.

Go Turbo with Google Gears

Users with Explorer, or not a lot of RAM (or both, ack!) can run into speed issues with Passpack. So we’re experimenting with a new Turbo mode, using the Google Gears WorkerPool.

Turbo mode uses Google Gears. It helps speed things up.
(how to turn it on)

Playing Right with Google Gears

Ever since the Air vs. Gear fire-up that Passpack Desktop caused, we’ve been promising ourselves to do a “proper” Gears implementation. Today we’re releasing our first baby-step using the Gears WorkerPool to speed up the encryption/decryption processes.

For now, we’ve optimized the “unpacking tags” process, and the results are impressive. Further optimizations will definitely follow.

How Much Faster Is It?

Passpack makes heavy use of Javascript cryptographic algorithms, so slower machines and certain browsers [cough: Explorer] will see the biggest improvements.

In an entirely unscientific experiment, we timed logging into a Passpack account with 112 tags and about 400 entries. The results on Explorer 7:

Without Gears, it took about 23 seconds to unpack the tags.
Versus just over 1 second for the same operation with Gears.

That was using an Intel Pentium Core Duo 2.20GHz, with 4Gb RAM. The same test on a three year old, suffering overloaded laptop resulted in 128 seconds without Gears (wow!) and 4 seconds with.

Who Can Use It?

Gears users. If you have Google Gears installed, you will be prompted to go “Turbo”. Accept or decline at will. If you DO NOT have Gears installed, you will not be asked to install it. This is a feature for Google Gears users only.

More information on turning Turbo on and off here.

Passpack on USB, with Google Gears

Did you know you can carry Passpack Offline Version around with you on your USB? You can. Thanks to Firefox portable, some feedback from a Passpack user, and a quick research on making Google Gears portable.

Passpack Offline is built with Google Gears technology so you are (were : ) limited to using it only on computers where Google Gears had already been installed. This is less than ideal for folks who want to carry a copy of Passpack with them on a USB pen drive (of course, that’s why we built an online password manager… but I digress [wink]).

How To Make Passpack Offline Portable

If you want to put Passpack Offline Version onto your USB:

  1. Install Firefox portable on your USB keychain.
  2. Make Google Gears portable with portable Firefox (this is the key to the whole process!).
  3. Copy the Passpack folder (download zip here) from your PC and put it onto your USB.

That’s it!

You are all set. To you use Passpack Offline on your USB, go ahead and follow the same process as you normally would have on your own PC.

Some Passpack Buzz n' Love

Wow, this week has caused a mini buzz storm around Passpack. Here’s a few highlights.

The discussion is languishing on that last one (anyone disagree? agree? not understand?), but we did bring it to the attention of AjaxPatterns author Michael Mahemoff, he picked up the news on Ajaxian together with the release of the Host-Proof Hosting Library.

More News:

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Thanks everyone! We’ve got more coming…

Google Gears Returns!

Lately, there’s been a lot of Adobe Air and Google Gears talk around here.

Passpack Desktop has created quite the buzz among Adobe Air fans, but Google Gears fans have been leaving feedback too.

So when I got to the office this morning I wasn’t surprised to hear that Francesco had reincorporated Google Gears into Passpack. Passpack Offline Beta 6 lives on. I was surprised though to hear that he did it all after leaving the office. I am beginning to suspect that Francesco is a vampire or just a really practical person.

The latter seems more plausible for the following reasons:

  1. Adobe Air seems to be partially compatible with Linux, leaving out a few of our users
  2. Passpack Users
    +Google Gears Fans
    -Google Gears Version
    Unhappy Users
  3. You may have noticed that Brad Neuberg commented on one of our posts. It’s hard to let go of old friends.

Now everyone is happy and it only took Francesco one evening to put smiles on everyone’s face. Thanks Francesco. I wonder what surprise awaits us tomorrow…

Passpack Is Moving In. On Your Desktop.

Believe it or not, we’ve got another release for you all – Passpack Desktop!

We want you to be able to access your passwords at all times. Even without internet connection. The Offline Version on Google Gears was a step in that direction, but we’ve just found more advantages to a full-fledged Desktop application.

Thanks to Cyndy for pre-release feedback and breaking the news!

I Claim This Desktop As My Own!

Passpack Desktop is completely independent. You can use it as a password manager on its own or as a backup to your Account. Or all of the above. You decide.

To Sync Or Not To Sync?

It’s your choice. If you want to use Passpack Desktop as a backup to your Account, you are going to love this. You can now get all your passwords (and info) from your online Account into your Passpack Desktop with just one click!

Sorry Google. It’s Not You. It’s Me.

Leaving behind something as mighty as Google Gears definitely made us think twice [faint echo of Tara weeping in the background]. But sometimes a software’s gotta do, what a software’s gotta do. And this time Passpack had to take a new friend aboard – Adobe Air. A pretty fair exchange in my opinion.

“Adobe Air, this is Passpack.”
“Passpack, this is Adobe Air.”

I think they’ll get along just fine.

But Why?

Google Gears is best compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox, leaving a few browsers behind. We just don’t want anyone missing out on the Passpack offline fun. Of course… that said, we immediately have to eat our own words. As it turns out, AIR on Linux, the Encrypted Local Store doesn’t work (read: it won’t save your passwords). So for now – It’s Windows and Mac only.

But not to fret. We are trying to work Google Gears back into the Passpack brew… [not so faint sound of Tara giggling in the background].

Well, enough for now. We’re back to work on the next surprise.