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This Week In Privacy: April 11, 2009

The Online News Hour

Cyber Crime and Spying Threaten National Security
The FBI has ranked cyber crime as the third-greatest threat to U.S. national security, after nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction. Here is a look at some examples of online crimes.

The Wichita Eagle

Scam Mimics Visa Security Program
Phony messages instructing Visa credit card -holders to sign up for the Verified by Visa program by downloading a form and pasting it into their Web browser sounds a bit more than phishy.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft increased by 50 percent nationally last year alone, and all 50 states experienced an increase in such cases from 2007. A few well known facts about identity theft and more.

This Week In Privacy: March 7, 2009

Las Vegas Sun

In Cases of ID Theft, Numbers Do Lie
According to Federal Trade Commission statistics, Nevada has the nation’s third-worst identity theft problem. Or does it? Identity theft is often a crime that goes unreported, making the number of victims rise even further.


Are Passwords Our Best Security Option?
There are many alternatives to passwords as an entry-way to sensitive information stored on the web, but what are the alternatives and are they any safer? The key may be to find a safe place to store passwords.

Facebook Virus and Phishing Warning
Receiving any Facebook alerts for password reset?  Hmmm… sounds like phishing. Don’t be fooled by savvy hackers sending out malicious messages to your Facebook account. Protect yourself.

This Week In Privacy: Feb 28, 2009

ID Theft Tops List of 2008 Consumer Complaints
It’s no surprise, identity theft is consistent at placing number one in consumer complaint reports and 2008 is no exception. Here are a few statistics from the Federal Trade Commission.

Poor Password Practice Putting Users At Risk
Gartner research proves that internet users are using poor password management habits and reusing passwords. Awareness is increasing, now habits need to as well.


When Paranoia Isn’t Enough
Almost 10 million US adults victim of identity theft last year, and here  is one victim’s story, who luckily knew the impact this cyber crime can have.