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Passpack on a Dev Build Browser? Nope.

Google Chrome is quickly becoming a favorite browser among Passpack users. Even I’ve switched – it’s just sooo much faster. However, the latest dev build of Chrome will not work with Passpack. But that’s ok.

Not Just Chrome, Dev Builds in General…

In the past, there have been issue with other beta release of browsers – Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari have all had thier day. Almost 100% of the time, the issues that arise in a dev build resolve themselves once the stable release is out.

We simply can’t modify Passpack to be compatible with nightly or dev builds. Besides being an impossible task, we hope you’ll agree that our energies are better spent working on new Passpack features and improvements.

A Thought on Security

I’m not going to go as far as to say that dev builds are not secure – that would be a sweeping statement. However I will say this:  The chances of there being bugs that potentially open security holes are higher when the browser … you know… hasn’t completely finished debugging.

So even if you have a dev build that works with Passpack, we’d like to invite you to only access your account with stable released browsers. I know, we’re paranoid, but that’s our job [smile].

Getting Ready to Leave Beta

Passpack is getting ready to leave Beta. Amazing, but true.

It’s taken a while (lawyers be darned!) but within a week or so the first few days of November, we’ll be releasing Passpack 1.0 together with our first paid upgrade “Pro”. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Free-For-Now Becomes Free-Forever

I’d like to personally thank the many many users who opted into our Free-for-now promotion. When faced with the question “Would you pay for Passpack?” — you said YES, loud and clear.

To show our gratitude, we’ve decided to extend the promotion indefinitely.

Free-For-Now users can continue to use their accounts.
As-is, for free, forever.

Wise guy alert: no getting smart and trying to squeeze in a free account at the last minute [wink]. As of now, the promotion is over. This is our way of thanking the early adopters. It’s just for them.

The New “Pro” Package

The Free-For-Now deal is mostly just extra passwords, though some folks might have also gotten extra disposable logins (we changed the configurations numerous time). The Pro package is much more than that, and we’ll continue to grow the feature set with time.

With the Free account, you get a little bit of everything. With Pro, you get more. Here’s a look:

You’ll notice that proper password sharing isn’t on the list yet. It will be. Once that technology is available, the Pro package will have (you guessed it) more than the Free account.

Who is Pro For?

Anyone will be able to upgrade, naturally, but as the name implies, we expect that the people who will really need Pro, are people who generally work and collaborate over the internet:

  • Web Developers, Designers & Project Managers
    Share passwords with the team during project development, then send them over to the client upon delivery.
  • Online Traders
    Use secure messaging instead of emails (those password protected PDFs are easily cracked folks).
  • SEO & New Media Marketers
    How many passwords do you have? Yeah, I thought so. You need far more capacity then the average person. Plus messaging is good for chatting with clients on strategy that’s best not left for the competitor to sniff (if the email gets sniffed – they’ll blame you).

How Much is Pro?

(What’s €10 in US Dollars?)

That will go up to €15/year once we complete the package with full password sharing.

Thank you for believing in us!