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Passpack It! Button Update

Some of you may have already noticed, we’ve pushed through an update on your Passpack It! button. After you update your button, here’s some of the improvements you’ll find.

Login/Train After Add Entry

A great feature of the Passpack It! button is the abil and add an entry to your Passpack account directly from the registration screen of the website.

Now, without refreshing the page, and without having to go back into your Passpack account, you can re-click your button and train your brand new website or login to it. This is handy especially for sites where the registration form and login form are next to each other on the same page.

More Powerful Training

Passpack It! FeedbackWe’ve extended Passpack’s ability to work with “problematic” websites. In the two days since we’ve rolled this out, we’ve already seen a decrease in the number of broken website links coming in through the feedback pane.

If you’ve tried to train a website in the past, and weren’t able to, we invite you to try again. There’s a good chance it’ll work for you. If not, double-click your Passpack It! button, and click on the Feedback tab to let us know.

There are still a few cases in which Passpack can not penetrate the website’s login form, and these are. for example sites that use nested frames, sites with a login form in an iframe residing on a different domain and login forms inside Java applets or Flash movies.

Timing Out Options

Under Auto-login > Options for Power Users you can set the amount of time Passpack’s 1 Click login will remain active, even after you close your Passpack tab.  We’ve extended the maximum time from 8 hours, to 1 day.Here’s how this works.


We’ve also fixed an error that was causing the button to time out sooner than expected and ironed out a few annoying little bugs. We are having some issues with Safari that we’re still getting sorted. Let us know how the new improvements are working out for you.

Auto-login 2.0 Support for Opera

Did you know that the Opera web browser is having a growth spurt thanks to Microsoft? Well, we certainly noticed the increase in Opera users clamoring for Auto-login 2.0 support. So here it is!

When we first released the advanced Passpack It! button features like double-clicking to get a window like the one below, we had some Opera & Safari compatibility issues.

Auto-login 2.0

In Opera, that window was showing up of-screen and all garbled because of a delay in CSS rendering due to the asynchronous loading of the Javascript files (in layman’s terms: it looked really bad).

The temporary solution was to switch back to the older button. We’ve now resolved the issue and all users are welcome to re-install their Passpack It! button.

Quick Tip

Passpack It! button tip: if you can’t train a site, double-click your button and use the Feedback tab. It’ll be queued for fixing.

Auto-login 2.0 Release: Let's Rock & Roll

We’ve added uber-improved 1 Click Login performance. Plus double click to get a full service pop-up menu: train websites, send feedback, copy/paste and(we really like this one) … add an entry to your Passpack account directly from any website.

Save Passwords to Passpack from anywhere on the web.

If you already have a Passpack account, you need to reinstall your button. Here’s how. Check the browser compatibility below (scroll down). If you run into any issues, please let us know.

So What’s It Do?

  • NEW – Double-click your button to get a full options pop-up
  • NEW – Add a passwords to Passpack from anywhere on the web
  • NEW – If all else fails, Copy/paste from the options pop-up
  • NEW – Find a broken link? Send feedback quickly from the options pop-up
  • Improved performance logging you into websites.
  • Multiple logins for one domain? No problem. Now has copy/paste too.
  • Improved training websites to login

This new release adds a few options and a ton of flexibility to the system. It was also an interesting battle to hop through all those crypto-hoops to make it work. Far too much for this post to cover, so I’ll go into more details in some follow-up posts. In the meantime you can go to Auto-login > Options for power users to play around.

Browser Compatibility

This is a first roll-out. We’ve got about 80% of our users covered.

  • Firefox - Versions 3+
  • Explorer- Versions 7 & 8. Explorer 6 is not supported.
  • Chrome - Version 3 supported (but don’t use it [wink]). Version 2 still working on compatibility… it’s oddly very buggy.
  • Safari - Still working on compatibility. The double-click on the button definitely won’t work, but there will be a work around for that.
  • Opera - Still working on compatibility.

If your browser isn’t compatible, you can continue to use your current button – it’ll work just fine.

Improved performance logging you into websites.

Call for Testers: Auto-login 2.0

Ok folks, as promised, it’s almost here. And, as always, we’re letting some lucky people get a sneak peek in exchange for running it through the wringer for us. Get on the tester’s list. Tester list is full, sorry.