Passpack It! Button Update

Some of you may have already noticed, we’ve pushed through an update on your Passpack It! button. After you update your button, here’s some of the improvements you’ll find.

Login/Train After Add Entry

A great feature of the Passpack It! button is the abil and add an entry to your Passpack account directly from the registration screen of the website.

Now, without refreshing the page, and without having to go back into your Passpack account, you can re-click your button and train your brand new website or login to it. This is handy especially for sites where the registration form and login form are next to each other on the same page.

More Powerful Training

Passpack It! FeedbackWe’ve extended Passpack’s ability to work with “problematic” websites. In the two days since we’ve rolled this out, we’ve already seen a decrease in the number of broken website links coming in through the feedback pane.

If you’ve tried to train a website in the past, and weren’t able to, we invite you to try again. There’s a good chance it’ll work for you. If not, double-click your Passpack It! button, and click on the Feedback tab to let us know.

There are still a few cases in which Passpack can not penetrate the website’s login form, and these are. for example sites that use nested frames, sites with a login form in an iframe residing on a different domain and login forms inside Java applets or Flash movies.

Timing Out Options

Under Auto-login > Options for Power Users you can set the amount of time Passpack’s 1 Click login will remain active, even after you close your Passpack tab.  We’ve extended the maximum time from 8 hours, to 1 day.Here’s how this works.


We’ve also fixed an error that was causing the button to time out sooner than expected and ironed out a few annoying little bugs. We are having some issues with Safari that we’re still getting sorted. Let us know how the new improvements are working out for you.

Auto-login 2.0 Support for Opera

Did you know that the Opera web browser is having a growth spurt thanks to Microsoft? Well, we certainly noticed the increase in Opera users clamoring for Auto-login 2.0 support. So here it is!

When we first released the advanced Passpack It! button features like double-clicking to get a window like the one below, we had some Opera & Safari compatibility issues.

Auto-login 2.0

In Opera, that window was showing up of-screen and all garbled because of a delay in CSS rendering due to the asynchronous loading of the Javascript files (in layman’s terms: it looked really bad).

The temporary solution was to switch back to the older button. We’ve now resolved the issue and all users are welcome to re-install their Passpack It! button.

Release: Groups + Bulk Password Sharing = WOOHOOO!

We’ve got a great roll-out for you: Passpack 7.4. Create groups of shared users, and share one (or batches!) of passwords with those groups. Combine that with fully integrated transfer of ownership, and password management starts looking sexy.

Combining Bulk Sharing and Groups you can get your entire company happily on the password management bandwagon.

Shared User Groups

You can add and manage your groups under your People tab (there’s a link right under the tab itself). Check the Help Center for some how-tos, but here’s the gist:

  • You create a group and add some users to it.
  • You share a password with the group – and all group members automatically have access to it.
  • You modify, delete or unshare a password entry with the group – and all changes are automatically propagated to all members.
  • You remove someone from the group – and all group-shared passwords disappear from their account without affecting the others.

How many groups can you have? Free accounts don’t need them since you only have 1 shared user to begin with*. For all premium accounts, check this grid.

Bulk Password Sharing

Shortly after adding bulk deleting, encrypted password emails and other options, we quietly rolled out bulk sharing… so it’s certainly worth mentioning now. What’s bulk sharing good for? If you have 20 passwords you’d like to share with someone, with bulk editing you can share all 20 at once for a huge time savings.

Transfer Password Ownership

This is a really popular request. Let’s say you’ve purchased a Group account which you use as a central password repository. Your all set up, with your 10 employees each with their own Free account, each receiving their passwords in sharing from your central repository. Fabulous!

But what happens when one of your employees has to create a password entry on your company’s behalf? Simple, you let them create the password, then transfer the ownership over to you.

We experimented a little bit with this feature, rolling it out silently… tucked away in the bulk editing actions menu. With Passpack 7.4 the Transfer Ownership feature has been promoted to “official”. Your shared users can not only transfer one (or batches) of passwords to your central repository – but they can do it at the time of creation, or anytime thereafter.

(Do I hear a few people in the back calling for some automation here? I do? Huh, funny I was thinking the same thing myself [wink])


We also tooled with some things here and there that need fixing. Here’s a quick list of some of the minor changes as well:

Basic authentication support.

Password and People tabs remember the last state when switching back and forth.

• Better notifications in Home.

• Mild tweaks to the entry window.

• Your red save all button has a new home (top right of screen).

• Various minor bug fixes including some oddball visual cues.


Go forth, build groups and be merry! Let us know if you run into any hiccups.

* Actually, you can only initiate one shared user, but you have an unlimited number of people that can initiate sharing with you. More on that here.

Coming Up Next at Passpack: Groups

I’ve been stingy with the blog posts as of late, so I wanted to drop in with some news on what we’ve been up to, and what’s coming up next – Groups & Localization!

For the past 5 months or so I’ve been traveling, while Francesco has been preparing some important Passpack changes. Let’s ignore the traveling since you can read all about that on my personal blog, and jump right into the exciting new stuff.


Just one small word, but chock full of Passpack power. The next update you’ll see to your account is the ability to share not just with single people, but with entire groups. This is incredibly useful for provisioning passwords, for example, to an entire department.

Right before the official release, we’ll stock up the Help Center with how-to articles for you. But here’s the gist:

  • Add a shared user to a group and their account gets populated with all the password entries that have been previously shared with that group.
  • All changes are automatically propagated across the group.
  • Remove someone from a group and all group-shared password entries will disappear from his/her account.

Localization Tool

For those of you wishing you had Passpack in your own language – your moment is coming.

Following the Groups release, we’ll be finishing off a few smaller features to round out the both the free and business packages. The next big thing you can expect though will be a localization tool. We build the tool, and you (the community) can translate until your hearts delight.

Until then, welcome me back, and get ready for 2-3 months of intensive development.

Gmail for Passpack is Fully Active Again

Some months ago we stopped the full support of Gmail authentication to Passpack. Yesterday I was reading the post announcing it, and I had an idea.

Google requires you to configure your account in order to allow the access to the mailbox from external tools. However, yesterday I decided to try and simply authenticate via IMAP on a brand new Gmail account.

Surprisingly… it worked because recently Google changes the default settings. In ten minutes I reversed the code substituting the old library with just two lines.

So the good news is “we fixed it”. The Gmail third party authentication will not be discontinued.

Obviously… your GMail account must have the IMAP Access enabled.

New Passpack Desktop Release

Thanks to our faithful beta testers*, the new release of Passpack Desktop is ready for you to download and install.


(instructions & FAQ here if you need them)

What’s New?

  • Many of your favorite features from
    • bulk entry management
    • see your people tab (read only)
    • click icons to copy content from your list
    • updated entry window
  • Offline only entries clearly marked with “local” tag.
  • Sync and view shared passwords [hooray!]
  • Sync tags and favorites settings from online (optional)
  • And the ever-important: shiny black chrome

Passpack Desktop is Your Best Backup

Should you ever get stuck without an internet connection – you’ll be really happy you have a copy of all your important passwords in your Passpack Desktop.

So install it now.

If you have never installed Passpack Desktop before, or do not know how to synchronize it, it’s pretty easy. Just read the instructions here.

* Two notes for beta testers: (1) Just go to Tools > Downgrade to stable version and your Beta version will be upgraded to the latest stable release. (2) Thank you!!!

New Passpack Desktop: Want to Beta Test?

Happy 2010! We almost missed the new year since we’ve been toiling away on the internal alpha testing of the new Passpack Desktop release. Before a formal release, we’d love your help beta testing it – interested?

Here’s what’s new:

  • Many of your favorite features from
    • bulk entry management
    • see your people tab (read only)
    • click icons to copy content from your list
    • updated entry window
  • Offline only entries clearly marked with “local” tag.
  • Improved online sync, including shared passwords [hooray!]

Want To Test It Right Now?

You can. No need to sign up for a beta program, simply download a copy of the beta at the link below and get cooking. We’re announcing this on the blog first so you guys can get the first crack at it.

Testing is over – thank you! You may download the latest release here.

Testing is mostly needed on the update and sync process, so you must, must, must backup your previous Desktop data before testing! Then install the beta. To align your data with your online account, go to Tools > Sync with

Should anything go wrong, let us know what happened. If you need to recover your data, use the command Tools > Downgrade to stable version.

Please use the comments below to let us know what’s working, and what’s not. That’s it, enjoy. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Update 12/4

Before installing the beta 2, please launch beta 1 and click the “BETA: restore old 1.0.5 pack backup and restart.” link (if you don’t have that link, it’s ok, it means you don’t need it). Then you can close it and install beta 2.

Changes made:

  • Fixed the blank password field
  • Fixed the password history
  • Minor tweaks

Thanks, keep letting us know what you find.

Quick Fix

Just fixed a bug, the People and Messages tabs were freezing. Should work OK now. Thanks to users for the heads up!