Getting Ready for Mobile: Mobile Favorites

While we’re heads down working on the Passpack Web Mobile release, here’s a fun feature you can get set up in the meantime.

Chances are the entries you want to most often access from your smart phone are different than those you most often access from the web (for example, that dang PIN you can never remember while standing in front of the ATM).

No problem, you can set certain entries to mobile favorites so that they are the first ones to load on your phone, instead of your starred web favorites. You don’t have to choose whether an entry is a web or a mobile favorite. It can be both.

Be Fashionably Early

It’s great! It’s groovy! It’s… ready before the mobile version itself?!

Yes it is. We’re releasing this a tad earlier for those of you who adore being the first on the block to get organized. Here’s where to go to play:

  1. Entry Window > Options tab > favorites selection
  2. Password List > click on your favorites icon
  3. Bulk Edit > Apply an Action > Add or remove from favorites

New Features From the Suggestions Box

While we work on the upcoming mobile release, I thought I’d reach out and ask for your thoughts on a few other ideas from the suggestions forum. Like ‘em? Vote ‘em!

Pre-populated Accounts

Having a hard time getting staff on-board? This idea is for creating shared accounts for them, from inside your paid administrators account. No more waiting for replies to invites.  Vote for it here.

(tip: Download the Getting Started Guide for Administrators PDF)

Suspicious Activity Alerts

Get an email or sms when someone logs in from outside a designated IP range. Vote for it here. If you like this, you might also like the Logs & Audit trail idea.

Password Reminders

Set an email alert when it’s time to change a password or for other “things to do regarding this entry”. What do you think? Let us know how you would use a feature like this.

Account Beneficiary

Delegate a person (or people) that can recovery your account in the event you get abducted by aliens. A fancy alternative to saving a print-out of your Passpack login. Vote for it here.

Passpack OpenID Provider

So you have some OpenID accounts, each with it’s own password, which are stored in your Passpack. Cool. If Passpack were an OpenID provider, would that save you some clicks? Vote for it here.


Now you folks go off and vote. It’s head’s down working on the mobile version for me. Coming soon to a smart phone near you.

Passpack Desktop with 2-way Sync

You asked for it – changes made to your passwords via Passpack Desktop, can be uploaded to your account. Want to test the release candidate? It’s official.

Passpack Desktop 2-way Sync

Local vs. Sync-able Entries

In the entry window in Passpack Desktop, tick Set as local entry only if you’d like the Synchronization procedure to completely ignore the entry. That means it will never be available on your account… unless of course you decide to untick that option in the future. [smile]

Local & To-Sync Labels

Whenever you create a new non-local entry, or make changes one, that entry will be clearly marked with a TO SYNC label in your list. Go to Tools > Sync with to synchronize all changes.

What Syncs and What Doesn’t

Any changes made online can sync down to our Passpack Desktop account. Generally, the entry data can be synchronized from Passpack Desktop “up” to However not all, all, all changes made in Passpack Desktop will sync back to

Here are the three exceptions for Desktop -> Online sync:

  • Whether or not the entry is a favorite
    This is pretty useful since you usually have a totally different set favorites on the desktop as opposed to online. With the upcoming mobile version release, we’re making some changes to how favorites work, so we’re leaving these untouched for the time being.
    If you have set up your favorites separately on the two platforms, you might also want to deselect the favorites checkbox  under Tools > Sync with to keep them from being overwritten during a synchronization.
  • The entry tags
    Passpack entries, and Passpack tags use two completely different databases – so this is a technical limitation, at least for the foreseeable future. Again, if you have set up your tags separately on the two platforms, deselect the tags checkbox  under Tools > Sync with
  • Deleted entries
    This is mostly a precaution. If you want to permanently delete entries from your account, you must do that from your online account. Got it? Ok, let me restate that… if you delete an entry from Passpack Desktop – but not from – the synchronization process will plop it right back into your Desktop account.

Give Us Your Feedback

If you choose to download and try the release candidate, please leave feedback. Thanks for the feedback. All seems to work well, so it’s now an official release. Cheers!

Gmail 3rd Party Login, Deprecated

When you login to Passpack via the Gmail third party login, Passpack uses IMAP to ping your account and authenticate you. No email is read, just a ping to authenticate you.

Alas, this is a feature is causing panic with Gmail’s  ”Suspicious Activity” alerts. So we’ll be removing it as an option in the near future. Read this Help Center article for more info.

If you have already set up your Gmail as a 3rd party login option, you may continue to use it if you wish. Alternatively, you may choose to switch to Google friend connect.

Further Upgrade To Automatic Recovery System

Today a new upgrade to the automatic recovery system is going up. This is an extension of the work we did in April to tighten control on handling corrupted entries.

Since the April update, our database is showing no new entries have been corrupted. While corrupted entries are rare (0.03%), we’re happy it’s become even rarer. This time we’ve buckled down on recovering shared entries.

You may experience some more alerts the next few times you log in. This is because the system is recovering entries which it had previously not been able to recover. Read more in the help center.

What Happens With Shared Entries?

We understand that you share passwords with clients and partners and have attempted to keep the recovery as silent (aka painless) for them as possible.

Technically, only the entry owner can “recover” a damaged password entry. If you have shared an entry with someone, and that someone’s copy got damaged, it will temporarily disappear from their account. The next time you login, your account will silently fix the entry on their behalf and re-share it. At that point, it’ll reappear in their account.

Your Data is Always Encrypted

Undoubtedly one of the reasons you’ve chosen Passpack is because you know our data-privacy technology is top notch. What you may not know is that all of the data in your entry – name, username, notes and even tags, not just the password – is fully encrypted. The whole shabang.

We’re proud to be able to offer you this level of data privacy, though sometimes it comes at a price. For example, if an entry can not be recovered, the system has no way of knowing which entry it is. It knows the internal ID (ex. 67.711), but not, for example, the name you gave it.

This is why the alerts will tell you how many entries need to be recovered, but not which ones those are. Passpack doesn’t know.

Are Any Entries Unrecoverable?

Alas, yes, it can happen – though really, really, really rare (0.006%). If you’ve been diligent in making your personal backups, or use Passpack Desktop, then you may still have some options open to manually recover that entry.

Which reminds us… now is as good a time as any to backup your passwords. Do it as often as you can.

Behind the scenes

We’re doing lots of debugging, and have a backlog on customer support tickets. Reply times slower than usual.

Your Suggestions with Uservoice

We’ve switched the Passpack suggestions box to the Uservoice platform. Check it out, you can see the status of your suggestions, as well as converse with us about what’s going on.

You can access the forum directly by connecting to Uservoice. Or from the Suggestions & Feature Requests link in the Help Center, or from the Feedback tab on the main website.

Your Votes Are Counted

We surveyed all the suggestions you’ve made to date, across our various systems – suggestions box, help tickets, personal emails. The votes you’ve cast have all (hopefully) been migrated. No need to re-vote.

Guess What, We Do That Already

The main reason we opted to switch was so that we could actually reply to you about your ideas – especially when you suggest a feature that Passpack already has. Here’s a few ideas that we didn’t migrate over to the new system.

“It would be nice to be able to organize passwords in folders or something”“organize password in a multi-level folder tree” - “create password categories”

No folders, we have tags. We even have related tags for an easier drill down. You can view them as a cloud, or a list, or inline in your password table. This should cover all your folder and sub-folder needs. Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

“Allow import of tab-delimited text files”

You can use the CSV import option. On the second screen, change the Choose the field separator option from “comma” to “tab”. And you’re ready to go. We’ll change the term “CSV” to make that a clearer.

“On the startup options page, if I choose Password as my primary tab, please add a sub option: Show only Favorite entries. “

Um, that’s there.

“Create a user voice site for Passpack”


Have Mercy!

We take all your suggestions seriously into consideration. Serious consideration takes lots of time, and planning. We are a two person team and sometimes get bogged down. So bear with us: we’re listening, working and will keep truckin’.

Thanks everyone for all your support and suggestions! You folks are truly fantastic.

Passpack on iPad

Did you know your Passpack It! button will work on your iPad? Now you do. Go forth, login and be merry.