Passpack Mobile: Express Your Opinion

Yesterday we hit a milestone with the release of auto-login for mobile (horray!). In our opinion, that was the last big hump to get over before releasing Passpack Mobile officially to the general public. But before we move forward, we’d like your opinion – is it ready for the big time yet?

Three Disclaimers:

(1) yes, we will continue development after the public release, so feel free to tell us “add it later”.

(2) No, we don’t plan on building native apps, this is a web-mobile application, and such it will remain.

And (3) make sure to check out the latest version, we just added remember me set up and fixed some bugs for Android 2.1.

So without further ado…
Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks for your help!

Smarter Notifications

Yesterday we rolled out some changes to the default notifications settings. In a nutshell – you’ll get less emails.

Previously, every time someone shared and entry with you, stopped sharing an entry, transfered an entry to you, accepted a transfer, invited you to connect or even just modified a shared password… Passpack sent off an email to let you know. Yikes, that quickly filled up the inbox.

You’ve always had the option of turning these notifications off, but in doing so, you got zero information – an all or nothing scenario.

Yesterday, we’ve added a new option. Instead of being notified on every single event, we’ll just send you the first notification, then withhold all other emails. This resets daily, or on your next logout  - whichever comes first.

We’re so sure you’ll like it (because we get tons of support requests about it!) that we’ve made it the default. If you’d like to go back to the very verbose method, head over to Settings > Notifications and choose the Notify on every event option.

Enjoy a cleaner inbox!

Release: Passpack Desktop 2.1.3

It’s that time again – go get your new and improved Passpack Desktop now.  You’ll get 2 major fixes and 1 minor feature.

Fix #1 – Deleting Entries During Sync Bug

We’ve resolved a known issue in which entries were getting deleted during synchronization. Here was the exact case: an entry was created in Passpack Desktop and then it was edited and then it was synchronized (in that exact order) … instead of synchronizing up to, the entry got deleted.


Fix #2 – Local Packing Key Change Bug

We resolved an issue where, when the Packing Key was changed in Passpack Desktop, folks were getting locked out of the local Desktop account.

Fixed. And for those who had run into this bug, we’ve added a new feature to get you unstuck….

Delete Desktop Account Without Logging In

Previously, you had to be fully logged into your Desktop account in order to delete it. That means that if you got locked out because of the bug above, you were stuck. No way in, and no way out.

With this new version, if your Packing Key is not accepted by Passpack Desktop, you’ll see a link on screen saying “I forgot my Packing Key. Delete this Passpack Desktop account so that I can start over and resync with my account.“ Go ahead and click.

This will completely delete just this particular local account (in case you have more than one). There is no undo.

This feature is also useful if you have an old account in your Passpack Desktop database, for which you’ve long forgotten the Packing Key. Go ahead and just delete it using the link provided.

Note For Older Passpack Desktop Users

If your Desktop version is older than 2.0, you will get an error during the installation caused by the switch to our new certificate. Please use this work-around:

  1. Install the Passpack Desktop 2.1.0 version here.
  2. Login to that version, then go to Tools > Check for new releases and follow the on screen instructions. This will bring you up to speed with the latest version.

Updates to Web Mobile Preview

It’s been a great week, with everyone so excited about the web mobile preview, and we’ve been working non stop to finish up.

Tonight’s updates just went online. There’s a laundry list of minor updates and tweaks, but below are the two primary improvements.

(In case you missed it the first time, connect to the preview at – and leave any feedback in the dedicated forum)

1. Passwords List Pagination

Yes, you can now view more than 15 entries at a time [wink].
Go forth, flip pages, and be merry!

2. Big Steps Ahead in the People Tab

We’ve completed the profile page for the single profiles in your People tab. You can also manage inviting new people, checking their invite chat history. And – for those of you who haven’t done so yet – you can now activate secure sharing directly from your phone.

Passpack Mobile: Pre-release Preview

We know you’ve been waiting very patiently for Passpack’s web mobile version – so we’re opening up a preview that you can use right away while we put on the final touches.

Connect to
Found a bug? Report it in the mobile preview feedback forum

Remember, this is a work in progress. We’ve still got a few glitches, a couple of bare spots and some items to tick off the to-do list. Here’s a quick run down…

What You Can Do Right Now

  • View, add and manage your passwords
  • Send secure messages, and read your archived messages
  • View and (partially) manage your shared users & groups
  • Update most of your account settings

If you’ve set up your mobile favorites, those will be unpacked for you as soon as you login. This will save you lots of memory cycles on your itty bitty device. If you don’t have any mobile favorites yet, then nothing will be unpacked – no worries just click the Unpack all link, or select a tag to unpack entries little by little.

What We’re Still Working On

  • Shared user & groups are mostly functional, but still pretty bare bones
  • Autologin still in progress
  • Sending and receiving passwords via the email encryption deactivated
  • Bulk edit & group management not available yet
  • The navigation needs polishing (hint: to go back, click on a tab)

We’re also working on a really cool feature to access your account quickly… without typing a complicated Packing Key.

Supported Platforms

The preview has been tested so far on iPhone’s native Safari and Opera Mini as well. Safari is decidedly faster.

Feel free to try it out on your Android or other smart phone and let us know how it goes. Please remember that only phones with browsers fully supporting javascript will work.

Passpack & Carley Knobloch at BlogHer 2010

A bit of news while you’re waiting for the mobile release – Passpack will be sponsoring Carley Knobloch of Mothercraft fame at this year’s BlogHer event.

For those who didn’t catch it the first time, Carley did an awesome writeup on Passpack a few months back. SO awesome we jumped at the opportunity to have her represent us at BlogHer. Here’s just one of the videos she did up for the conference:

Check out the all three Passpack videos on Carley’s blog.

Carley is a life coach who helps frazzled families embrace technology and simplify life. So if you’re in NY this week, look up Carley at BlogHer – she’ll be the spunky girl geek defrazzling her fellow event-goers while demoing Passpack on her shiny new iPad.

… hey wouldn’t it be really cool if Passpack unveiled it’s mobile version at the show? Hmmm….

Moving Complete

Last week’s move caused some delays, but is now complete. Those waiting for a reply from us can expect one soon.

Moving Offices

Passpack is in the process of moving offices. This is causing delays in all normal operations, most importantly in customer support reply times. The move will be complete by July 8, and we’ll be back to our responsive selves!