Auto-login 2.0 Release: Let's Rock & Roll

We’ve added uber-improved 1 Click Login performance. Plus double click to get a full service pop-up menu: train websites, send feedback, copy/paste and(we really like this one) … add an entry to your Passpack account directly from any website.

Save Passwords to Passpack from anywhere on the web.

If you already have a Passpack account, you need to reinstall your button. Here’s how. Check the browser compatibility below (scroll down). If you run into any issues, please let us know.

So What’s It Do?

  • NEW – Double-click your button to get a full options pop-up
  • NEW – Add a passwords to Passpack from anywhere on the web
  • NEW – If all else fails, Copy/paste from the options pop-up
  • NEW – Find a broken link? Send feedback quickly from the options pop-up
  • Improved performance logging you into websites.
  • Multiple logins for one domain? No problem. Now has copy/paste too.
  • Improved training websites to login

This new release adds a few options and a ton of flexibility to the system. It was also an interesting battle to hop through all those crypto-hoops to make it work. Far too much for this post to cover, so I’ll go into more details in some follow-up posts. In the meantime you can go to Auto-login > Options for power users to play around.

Browser Compatibility

This is a first roll-out. We’ve got about 80% of our users covered.

  • Firefox - Versions 3+
  • Explorer- Versions 7 & 8. Explorer 6 is not supported.
  • Chrome - Version 3 supported (but don’t use it [wink]). Version 2 still working on compatibility… it’s oddly very buggy.
  • Safari - Still working on compatibility. The double-click on the button definitely won’t work, but there will be a work around for that.
  • Opera - Still working on compatibility.

If your browser isn’t compatible, you can continue to use your current button – it’ll work just fine.

Improved performance logging you into websites.

Tales From the Suggestions Box

As you all know, Passpack has a suggestions box (you do know that right?) where you can vote up the most requested features, or send us your own ideas.

Since you won’t get any reply when you leave a suggestion – write into the help center if you need a reply – but here are a few interesting things we caught in there that I wanted to respond to:

Please allow sharing of logins/passwords with multiple people for free.

We do that! The free account allows you to start active sharing with 1 person AND you can receive passive sharing from an unlimited number of people. Read this article for a how-to.

The mobile app (for the iPhone) should be free.

Hm, well, we don’t have the mobile interface rolled out yet – but it’ll be free.

When I register at a new site, I want save it to Passpack at the same time, rather than having to go back and retype all the info into an entry.

Yup. That’s coming in soon with Auto-login 2.0 (in private Beta testing now).

“Copy password to clipboard” button for logging in to sites without the standard auto login.

You can do that now from your password list, here’s how. Also, the Auto-login 2.0 will extend that feature greatly.

Also, don’t forget that we use the number of votes a feature request gets to help us prioritize the development schedule. Right now, the mobile versions and Desktop improvements are leading the pack – so use the checkboxes on to vote for your favorites.

Call for Testers: Auto-login 2.0

Ok folks, as promised, it’s almost here. And, as always, we’re letting some lucky people get a sneak peek in exchange for running it through the wringer for us. Get on the tester’s list. Tester list is full, sorry.

Passpack on a Dev Build Browser? Nope.

Google Chrome is quickly becoming a favorite browser among Passpack users. Even I’ve switched – it’s just sooo much faster. However, the latest dev build of Chrome will not work with Passpack. But that’s ok.

Not Just Chrome, Dev Builds in General…

In the past, there have been issue with other beta release of browsers – Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari have all had thier day. Almost 100% of the time, the issues that arise in a dev build resolve themselves once the stable release is out.

We simply can’t modify Passpack to be compatible with nightly or dev builds. Besides being an impossible task, we hope you’ll agree that our energies are better spent working on new Passpack features and improvements.

A Thought on Security

I’m not going to go as far as to say that dev builds are not secure – that would be a sweeping statement. However I will say this:  The chances of there being bugs that potentially open security holes are higher when the browser … you know… hasn’t completely finished debugging.

So even if you have a dev build that works with Passpack, we’d like to invite you to only access your account with stable released browsers. I know, we’re paranoid, but that’s our job [smile].

Thank You ZMV – More Funding for Passpack

I’m thrilled to announce that Passpack has received an additional 74,000 euro follow-on investment from Zernike Meta Ventures.

ZMV first invested in Passpack in late May 2008, and has renewed that commitment (let’s celebrate!) just last week with additional funding. Folks, in this time of extreme crisis, and companies starving to death for cash – this feels really good.

What Are the Funds For?

1. Continued Product Development. We’ve already got Auto-login 2.0 underway (it’s sooo much better – watch for a call for testers in the next day or so). We’ll follow that up with enhancements to the collaboration features and set-up process.

We’ve also got a complete CSS revamp (yikes!) slotted. A less obvious change unless you’re digging around our source code, but much needed to speed up the process of pushing new features/versions/themes out the door…you know, that list of stuff we’ve got to do.

2. Infrastructure. No more unplanned outages. You need your logins always, and I need to avoid an ulcer (but please download Desktop, and sync it, for back up).

3. Marketing. Remember that survey we had you take? You filled it out in droves! Not only did that help us show our investors how much you support Passpack, it also helped us understand how to improve AND gave us some ideas on how to reach new people that will love Passpack too! So we’re going to test the marketing waters with a little-bit-o-budget.

4. Mo’ Better Content. We’ve been sorely neglecting this blog, and there’s a long list of help videos that would be really useful and a few people have asked for forums or a monthly tips newsletter. We’re still working out a priority for these things, so  if you have specific requests for content, speak up in the comments.

5. Super top secret stuff that I can’t tell you about. [smile]


Overall, Passpack is doing well. Revenues from the paid packages are growing slowly but surely, we’ve done the recession proofing, and now we have additional funds to continue to grow.

Thanks to ZMV, and thanks to YOU.

This Week In Privacy: July 18, 2009

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GBM Poll: How Often Do You Change Your Password?

Service Notice

As many have noticed, Passpack had an unplanned outage today. For about two hours the service was unavailable due to what seems to have been a broken switch. We’ll be making some changes to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

Normally, I’d have been personally on twitter, the blog and in the help center letting folks know what’s going on. Alas, tonight was my night off (which in itself is rare). By the time they got a hold of me, the problem was fixed and everything was up and running again.

For all of you who don’t have a copy of Passpack Desktop yet, please download it here and sync it to your online account. You can use Desktop to access your passwords in the case of an outage, or simply when you don’t have access to the web.

Again folks – sincerely apologize for the troubles this may have caused you.

Server down

Passpack is experiencing networking problems. Our servers are unreachable. The provider is trying to fix the problem.

We apologize for the problem and hope that you are using the Desktop (backup) version.