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PayPal issue

Since Yesterday, PayPal is not sending us confirmation notification of the payments. So the system is unable to update the status of the accounts. We could do this manually, but when PayPal will solve the issue, it will probably send all the notifications and this could create worse issues. So, we are waiting for a while. If nothing happens, we will fix the updates manually.

UPDATE, Jan. 29. The strategy worked because PayPal sent all the notification at one moment, and all the accounts have been upgraded correctly.


Static files are now served from a new server

We completed the performance improvement of Passpack moving the static files on a new server. This improves also the general security because it is now much harder for an attacker to try to inject Javascript code.

Google Gears support has been discontinued

Passpack has discontinued Google Gears support. It was used with slow browsers like Internet Explorer 6 or 7. If you use one of these browsers, probably your account will become really slow without Google Gears. We strongly suggest to upgrade to IE 9 or to a totally different browser like Chrome.

Problems with port 8071

To improve the performance, we moved the static files to Nginx that is much faster then Apache. Unfortunately, we discovered that some users can not access non-standard ports, so we have reversed to the previous configuration.

Billing System

The billing system is temporarily not allowing upgrades. We’ll alert you when it is back online.

Moving Help Center

Last night we migrated the help center and blog to a new server. One issue: if you created a non-urgent support ticket between 4PM PST and 11AM PST, and you received an error page after submitting it, please re-sumbit it as we did not receive your request.

Moving Complete

Last week’s move caused some delays, but is now complete. Those waiting for a reply from us can expect one soon.