The new Adobe AIR damages the Passpack Desktop’s Local Storage

Your attention, please.

The new Adobe AIR, on some Operating Systems, resets the Encrypted Local Storage where the local Passpack Desktop data are stored. So, please, before upgrading to the new Adobe AIR, do a backup of your local data from “tools > backup” so that, if the data will be lost after the upgrading, you can restore it.

If your data is lost, the only way to recover it is to restore the status of your operating system to a restore point before the upgrade to the last Adobe AIR. Some users were able to recover all the data this way. After recovering the data, please, backup the entries before upgrade again and restore the entries after restarting the account.


  1. dave lister

    what a coincidence, reading about security and again, adobe is mentioned for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Francesco

    Just a little note.
    If you use Windows, it is very easy to restore the system to a restore point before upgrading Adobe AIR.
    On OSX you should try with the timeline, but this isn’t so easy as on Windows, and some user was unable to recover the data.

  3. CJ

    Just to confirm.. this doesn’t affect users who only access Passpack via a web browser (i.e. therefore do not use the Adobe AIR version)- is that correct?

  4. Francesco


  5. 1. Delete local instance of Passpack
    2. Upgrade Adobe Air
    3. Recreate local instance of Passpack

    That works, I assume?

  6. I want to JUST restore the passpack data file to pre-Air upgrade, not my entire system. I can’t find any documentation anywhere that shows where Passpack saves its data on the local machine. I’ve restored passpack to pre Air update but the data did not come with it – it is still accessing the datafile from yesterday with a couple of passwords manually added back in yesterday. What a freaking headache – I so would have appreciated a big red flag email about the Air update and an urgent reminder to backup passpack as an extra precaution.

  7. Francesco

    You don’t need to restore your entire system, you have to restore just your Adobe AIR installation, because the Passpack’s data are in the Encrypted Local Store of AIR. If you restore simply Passpack, you don’t recover the data.

    About the email, don’t forget that Passpack is anonynimous. So only few online users have activated an email. And the problem was mostly with only-local users of Passpack Desktop. We have nothing about those users. So, we could only alert users via blog and with an alert in the online application.

  8. Dan Course

    Is this fixed yet please?

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