We are going to change the feedback forum

We’ve been using UserVoice for a while to manage user feedback.

UserVoice is a great service to collect suggestions and ideas. It worked very well and now we know what is important for our users. But there are a lot of minor suggestions that are also important which remain without an answer. And, in many cases, people ask for a feature that already exists. If there were a live conversation, some other user might be able to quickly answer: “Hey Joe, you can already do this.” Instead, there  is no live converation and everyday someone adds a suggestion that risks getting lost. This is not good.

So, in the next weeks, we will try to limit the UserVoice forum to big suggestions and we will move the everyday feedback towards our Facebook page. Why Facebook? Because it is easy and social and solves the “conversation” problem. Of course, please don’t consider it a support page and especially don’t write any sensitive information. If you need customer support on your account, please open a support ticket instead and we will help you.

The Passpack Facebook page would like to be a place where you can start conversations with us and with other users about best practices, ideas, issues, etcetera.

What do you think?


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