Planned Maintenance Next Saturday, Sept. 24

We will be performing a server maintenance next Saturday, September 24, from 8-9am GMT+1 (it was initially planned for 5-6pm PST). During that period, we will put the database in read-only mode. So, if you change something and you need to save it, you have to wait. When the operations will be completed you will save your data without problems.

We will move the system to new powerful servers. If everything will go like during the other migrations in the past, the most of the user will not have the perception of the transfer and all will seem as normal. He hope that also this time it will be so. For good measure, if you haven’t yet, please install Passpack Desktop to be sure that you have an offline backup of your data. This is very important because on the Internet it is always possible that a website is unreachable and you must have your passwords when you need them. Passpack Desktop solves this emergency case and using it is a best practice.


  1. I have an issue syncing my PassPack Desktop (latest version on AIR latest version) with …

    When I click on “Sync with” button and then select the entries to sync and then press the Sync button, I get a blank page (with the header but with no content..)!

    Here’s a screenshot:

  2. Oh, if the info could be useful: with 2.2.1 it worked properly (not tried today though.. I just opened PassPack Desktop, checked for updates, updated to 2.2.4 and tried to sync..).

  3. Francesco

    Maybe I just introduced this bug to try to avoiding a wrong case. I will fix it ASAP.

  4. Francesco

    @Lorenzo, the bug has been fixed.

  5. Grande! :)

    Ora però c’è un altro problema (mi dispiace che ti faccio perdere tempo!): andando su “Check for new releases” su Passpack Desktop mi trova la 2.2.3, clicco su OK e ricevo questo errore:
    “Impossibile installare l’applicazione perché il file di installazione è danneggiato. Provate a richiedere un nuovo file di installazione all’autore dell’applicazione.”

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