Fixed a Bug in the Billing System

When we first introduced the premium plans, we built a system that (surprisingly) wasn’t supposed to manage plan upgrades before the expiring date. So if you upgraded from a Pro to a Team after two months, you needed to contact us to get  pro-rated manually. On the other hand, there was a bug that applied the unused months from the Pro plan to your Team plan. In essence, you could pay for a Pro plan, quickly upgrade to a Team, and get the total of unused Pro months plus all 12 Team months as a Team account.

As of today, the bug is fixed. We have also expanded the system to allow for automatic pro-rating depending on how much time was available in your previous plan. And finally, for any user who didn’t contact us to be pro-rated and therefore accidentally paid the full price when upgrading, we have extended the renewal deadline to accomated the double-paid months.

All should work well. But, if you see any errors in your account, please let me know.

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