Added the support for a second Yubikey

Today I discovered that in the Knowledge Base we suggest to have two Yubikeys so that if you loose one of them, you can continue to use the other. But Passpack didn’t support more than one Yubikey. Oops… So, today, I decided to fix the issue adding the support for a second Yubikey.

I also modified the process of removing a second factor if you have only one Yubikey and you loose it. In fact, I added the ID of the Yubikey to the Second Factor configuration page. This will be required to unlock your account if necessary. So, please, save it in your records.



  1. Jon

    Thank you Francesco. I went ahead and ordered Yubikeys for my employees today as a result of this change. I was always worried they would lose them before…

  2. Now THANKS for that move. We contacted Support a few months ago about that and were told supporting 2 Yubikeys would come one day, glad I found this post by chance.
    Great service, made even better with such a strong authentication system.

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