Problems with port 8071

To improve the performance, we moved the static files to Nginx that is much faster then Apache. Unfortunately, we discovered that some users can not access non-standard ports, so we have reversed to the previous configuration.


  1. Someone

    Hi, I tried to access Passpack earlier today. It worked without any problems. Now, when I am home, the login page looks totally screwed up. I investigated it and found that the css files that was delivered to the browser contained a comment at the start that for some reason when I removed it the css file worked.There were several such comments in the css. I do not dare to login to passpack when the page is not rendered properly.

  2. Shane

    Ditto on the messed up page, something’s wrong with the stylesheet…

  3. John

    I still cannot login to Passpack. Not sure why you guys are using port numbers instead of a totally different domain. Everytime a user loads a stylesheet/image on the same domain or subdomain the cookies have to be loaded with it. You’d save on bandwidth if you used a completely separate domain.

    Please advise, I cannot get into my account and it’s been this way the whole day. Thank you!

  4. Peder Lauridsen

    Now I cannot login using the Google friend connect option. The login is stuck on the green bridge component page.

  5. Tony

    You can put Nginx on port 443 and use url matching to proxy the non-static urls to Apache and let Nginx serve the static files directly. That way you only need to run on one normal port.

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