Are you tired of always seeing the same colors in your Passpack account? Or would you simply like a change?

From today you can. We added the possibility to select a theme in ‘Settings > Appearance’. There are only three themes for now, but we can certainly add more as time goes on if you like it.

And to stimulate you guys to actually try out the new functionality, we’ve changed the default theme from the original cool-green to a brighter one.

Personally, I love the new green, but if your prefer the old one or want to try the new ice-white, you can simply go to Settings > Appearance to change it back. You’ll be able to see the change in real-time in your browser.

Last but not least, if you want to suggest a new theme with your preferred colors, let us know and we will add it for you.


  1. Well done! Keep up the good job!! :D

  2. Allen

    I’d love to see a tan/brown theme — maybe #ebd6a9 or #dabc7b for the logo/header, and something darker for the tags, maybe a brown #6b521c

    Also, there’s something weird going on with the hover state on the “Bulk edit your entries” link.

  3. Francesco

    @Lorenzo, thank you.

    @Allen, interesting scheme.
    Ooops, the hover uses an old icon. I will fix it ASAP. Thanks.

  4. Allen

    I guess I like things. . . sedated and khaki? :)

  5. I think themes are a great idea, but it currently seems as if the new themes still use graphical elements that are in the old colour scheme. (e.g. the Add New and Search buttons).

    Similarly, the old colour scheme inherits some colours from the new lime green theme. For instance when I perform a search, the results are highlghted in lime green.

    I’m sure these kinks will be worked out soon!

  6. Francesco

    @Allen, I fixed the bug with “Bulk edit mode” and I improved something in the three themes.

    @Jonathan, I missed this bug but I will fix it soon. Thanks.

  7. I think all are nice themes =) Personally I believe the original default looks more professional and trusting than the brighter green.

    Good job though

  8. Thanks for this new feature. The classic green has been already a good choice, but it is nice to be able to switch to something new.

    I opted for the icy-white though, because it does not draw attention of bypassers when using passpack in public places.

  9. Francesco

    @Alex, @Martin, I agree. We will add more themes. And surely the default theme will be more neutral and professional :)

  10. Francesco

    After your feedbacks, we decided to set the default theme with the original Passpack colors. At the same time, we improved the current themes removing useless images and using only pure CSS to manage the buttons. If you experience problems, let me know writing to

  11. Stanko

    Thank you for the blue theme.
    The NEW bright green theme should be forbiden ?-|
    Otherwise thank you again for this great service.


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