After long ado, and over 1700 votes in the suggestions forum, Passpack Mobile is now official. Access your account and use your Passpack It! button to auto-login on your smart phone.

Go get it!

The Features Rundown

  • iPhone, iPod touch and Android in their native browsers
    (hint on your iPad, use the standard version – it’s bigger!)
  • Also…  Java phones, Windows Mobile, S60, Symbian and Blackberry running Opera Mini 5.x or Skyfire 2.x
  • Manage your passwords, messages and shared users
  • Supports Third Party Logins (ex. OpenID, Google, Facebook)
  • One-time device authentication for Two Factor Authentication
    (don’t know where to stick that Yubikey? Instructions here)
  • Set mobile favorites for speedy access
  • Passpack It! button for mobile - Stop tapping long passwords!

We’ve got plenty more enhancements in the pipeline, so keep the suggestions coming. And yes, further increasing speed is on our radar.

Also let us know if ti’s working on other browser/OS combinations that are working for you that we missed.

Web App or Native App?

Wondering if Passpack Mobile is an iPhone or Android native app? It’s not. No need to look for it in your marketplace, just fire up your browser and go to

Passpack is a web-app. We pride ourselves on finding web-based solutions that don’t require you to install anything: no plugins, no software, no apps. It’s all 24/7 access via the web, across as many browsers and devices as possible.

If you’re a developer, and interested in building out your own apps, plugins and whatnot – then vote up the API development here and don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us what you want to build!


  1. Deltapi

    and my bold Blackberry Bold?

  2. Tara

    @deltapi – have you tested that?

  3. Allen

    I can’t get Yubikey second factor authentication to work on my Android, using the stock browser or Dolphin HD.

  4. Tara

    @Allen – I’ll make sure this gets looked into. Just to make sure I have the facts straight: is this the process that isn’t working for you, and if so, which step breaks down?

  5. Allen

    That “is this” link isn’t working for me (chrome) for some reason, but if the process you are referring to is using e-mail to send the key to my phone, I used the app instead — but it’s the same idea, I copied a one time key over to my phone and pasted it into the browser.

    It asks for my one time password, I paste it in and hit verify. The dialog box pops up saying please wait, then it disappears. I remain on the screen requesting my one time key.

  6. Tara

    @Allen – ok, thanks. That’s what I needed to know. Looks like we just got a ticket in the help center with another user. It seems that in certain cases (we think) that the OTP times out. We’ll work on trying to capture that error if that’s the case, and at least give you some on-screen feedback about what happened.

    Can you let me know approximately how much time lapsed from when you pressed the Yubikey, to when you pressed the Passpack Verify button?

    Let me know – I may have a work around for you too… Just give me a sec to figure it out.


    PS. I fixed the broken link in my previous comment

  7. Tara

    @Allen – also, what version of Android are you running?

  8. Allen

    I just did it again, and was able to get it to work — perhaps I was faster this time. I didn’t realize they were time expiring, admittedly.

    Some sort of an error message when the key fails would be appreciated, otherwise I have no way of telling if it’s a problem on my part or some sort of browser/javascript error.

    Using Android 2.1 . . . they won’t give me Froyo :(

  9. Jakub

    A Bada app would be greatly appreciated!

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