Yesterday we hit a milestone with the release of auto-login for mobile (horray!). In our opinion, that was the last big hump to get over before releasing Passpack Mobile officially to the general public. But before we move forward, we’d like your opinion – is it ready for the big time yet?

Three Disclaimers:

(1) yes, we will continue development after the public release, so feel free to tell us “add it later”.

(2) No, we don’t plan on building native apps, this is a web-mobile application, and such it will remain.

And (3) make sure to check out the latest version, we just added remember me set up and fixed some bugs for Android 2.1.

So without further ado…
Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks for your help!


  1. Chris

    I’ve encountered a little snag. I have a yubikey linked to my account, which works great on the desktop. The only problem is that I cannot use my yubikey on my mobile, but still get prompted for my OTP on my mobile phone.

  2. Ralph Finch

    On iPhone 4, logged out and logged back in to get latest update. Settings->Install your button and it fully logged me out, requiring a full login a 2nd time.
    On this 3rd round, it asked for the unpacking key. Once again Settings->Install your button; finally it got to the install instructions.

  3. Dan Blows

    I have used the mobile version a few times, but a couple of things that would make me like it more:
    1. My password for the desktop version is very complicated to type on a mobile. I know that the obvious thing to do is just change my password, but I’m wondering if you can think of something else.
    2. I can only be logged in on my mobile OR my desktop – otherwise it comes up with the message that I’ve logged in somewhere else. Do I just need to keep clicking OK?

    But it is great – I’ve tried Keepass (including the iPhone app), LastPass, and a couple of others. I have found PassPack to be the best overall solution.

    PS – not relevant to this post, but why does the Desktop version not sync tags?

  4. Tara

    @Chris – We’ve been toiling over that for a week or so now. We can’t just deactivate it on Mobile, because that would defeat the whole purpose. But do check out the Yubikey forum, they seem be working on solutions:

  5. Tara

    @Ralph – Are you connecting to Passpack from a home icon?

  6. Tara

    @Dan – thanks!

    Let me answer your questions in order:

    1. Yes, we’ve got something in mind. Can’t say more for the time being, but I’m certainly aware of the problem (drives me nuts too).

    2. Sorry, you have to keep pressing OK. Passpack is meant to be used on one terminal/device at a time.

    3. Desktop should sync tags in download, but not in upload. What’s the reason for that? It’s kind of a long technical explanation related to the fact that the tags are encrypted in a separate block from the actual entries. This structure causes issues with sharing tags too, so we’re thinking about changing it. Feel free to jump in on that discussion here:

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