Mobile preview update: go to Settings > Auto-login to install your Passpack It! button. YES- you can use it to login, no more copy/pasting [smile].


  1. Works great ! Congrats !

  2. Frederik

    Works very well indeed. However, I still would prefer a native Android app that would authenticate via my Google login.

  3. Carly

    This doesn’t seem to be working for me. I was able to install the Passpack It! bookmark on my phone (Android 2.1) via the MyBookmarks app, but nothing happens when I try to use it.

    I’m logging in to Passpack mobile, making sure 1 Click is turned on, then opening another window with the site I want to log into. From there, I go to bookmarks, and click Passpack It! Nothing happens.

    Can anyone help?

  4. Ralph Finch

    It’s much more usable now (iPhone 4) than before. However it consistently requires two unpacks:

    1. I start the app and go thru normal unpacking and wait for all entries to unpack.

    2. I search for an entry.

    3. I tap an entry, it returns to the unpack screen where I have to enter again the unpack key and wait for entries to unpack.

    4. Finally I can search and tap an entry and it works.

    Also–and don’t know if this is possible with Apple’s lame “multi-tasking” in ios4–it would be nice if it would not pack again after pushing the home button.

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