Passpack uses PayPal to process our credit card payments. It came to our attention that many of you who’d like to pay by credit card, get set back by the login screen that appears during the payment process.

Have no fear, you do not need a PayPal login to upgrade your Passpack account. You may use any credit card.

Admittedly, PayPal does a terrible job of making this clear. In an attempt to sign up as many new users to PayPal as possible, they all but hide the link to simply make a credit card payment – without logging in.

Today we’ve added a few extra instructions to our purchasing process. Hopefully this will make paying easier for you. So if you’ve put off upgrading your Passpack account in the past, now is a good time to give it another try.

To upgrade, go to Account > Pricing and Packages inside your Passpack account.

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  1. Chris Gayler

    A Google Checkout option would be nice …

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