Thanks to all for taking the mobile readiness survey (it’s now closed). By combining your feedback, with our technical considerations, we’re coming up up with a working plan for the remaining mobile feature set.

What we heard from you as being most urgent was “make sure we can login with our favorite methods!” That includes both 3rd party login options, as well as being able to handle two factor authentication methods (with a Yubikey work around).

Getting You Logged In

First up, we’re in currently completing access via 3rd party login services.

(this isn’t online yet at the time of posting)

Also in the works is being able to handle your Two factor Authentication. We’re building this out to allow you to authenticate with your second factor, and save that device as “authorized” so you only have to go through the process once. This is especially handy because of the winding work around needed to get your Yubikey or email token pasted through to your USB-less phone. I’ll post instructions to the help center on how to do that.

In both cases, access is already working and we’re finishing up the relative settings pages. We’ll get these completed for you before the official launch. No release date on that, but things are progressing well and it should be a fairly quick (days not weeks) turn around.

Non-Mobile Development

After the mobile launch, we’ll be switching back to work on the standard, non-mobile application. So for those of you waiting on improvements, rest assured, they’ve not been forgotten. We’ll have another survey coming up soon.

Happy Monday everyone!


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