Yesterday we rolled out some changes to the default notifications settings. In a nutshell – you’ll get less emails.

Previously, every time someone shared and entry with you, stopped sharing an entry, transfered an entry to you, accepted a transfer, invited you to connect or even just modified a shared password… Passpack sent off an email to let you know. Yikes, that quickly filled up the inbox.

You’ve always had the option of turning these notifications off, but in doing so, you got zero information – an all or nothing scenario.

Yesterday, we’ve added a new option. Instead of being notified on every single event, we’ll just send you the first notification, then withhold all other emails. This resets daily, or on your next logout  - whichever comes first.

We’re so sure you’ll like it (because we get tons of support requests about it!) that we’ve made it the default. If you’d like to go back to the very verbose method, head over to Settings > Notifications and choose the Notify on every event option.

Enjoy a cleaner inbox!

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