It’s that time again – go get your new and improved Passpack Desktop now.  You’ll get 2 major fixes and 1 minor feature.

Fix #1 – Deleting Entries During Sync Bug

We’ve resolved a known issue in which entries were getting deleted during synchronization. Here was the exact case: an entry was created in Passpack Desktop and then it was edited and then it was synchronized (in that exact order) … instead of synchronizing up to, the entry got deleted.


Fix #2 – Local Packing Key Change Bug

We resolved an issue where, when the Packing Key was changed in Passpack Desktop, folks were getting locked out of the local Desktop account.

Fixed. And for those who had run into this bug, we’ve added a new feature to get you unstuck….

Delete Desktop Account Without Logging In

Previously, you had to be fully logged into your Desktop account in order to delete it. That means that if you got locked out because of the bug above, you were stuck. No way in, and no way out.

With this new version, if your Packing Key is not accepted by Passpack Desktop, you’ll see a link on screen saying “I forgot my Packing Key. Delete this Passpack Desktop account so that I can start over and resync with my account.“ Go ahead and click.

This will completely delete just this particular local account (in case you have more than one). There is no undo.

This feature is also useful if you have an old account in your Passpack Desktop database, for which you’ve long forgotten the Packing Key. Go ahead and just delete it using the link provided.

Note For Older Passpack Desktop Users

If your Desktop version is older than 2.0, you will get an error during the installation caused by the switch to our new certificate. Please use this work-around:

  1. Install the Passpack Desktop 2.1.0 version here.
  2. Login to that version, then go to Tools > Check for new releases and follow the on screen instructions. This will bring you up to speed with the latest version.

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