It’s been a great week, with everyone so excited about the web mobile preview, and we’ve been working non stop to finish up.

Tonight’s updates just went online. There’s a laundry list of minor updates and tweaks, but below are the two primary improvements.

(In case you missed it the first time, connect to the preview at – and leave any feedback in the dedicated forum)

1. Passwords List Pagination

Yes, you can now view more than 15 entries at a time [wink].
Go forth, flip pages, and be merry!

2. Big Steps Ahead in the People Tab

We’ve completed the profile page for the single profiles in your People tab. You can also manage inviting new people, checking their invite chat history. And – for those of you who haven’t done so yet – you can now activate secure sharing directly from your phone.


  1. Great! And how about iPhone version?

  2. Tara

    The web mobile version will run perfectly. It’s streamlined specifically for iPhone and Android.

    We have no plans for a native app at this time- though you can vote it up in the suggestions forum if you’d like:


  3. Chris

    Hi All,

    I’m so glad that you guys are working on a mobile Passpack. I have one issue though, it doesn’t look too good on my HTC Desire running Android 2.1. It’s not rendering the navigation and some other elements. See for a screenshot of the issue.


  4. mikeryan369

    How do I download passpack to my iPad?

  5. Chris R

    How do we log into the mobile site if we only use Passpack through Google Friend Connect? I don’t have a specific Passpack username/password.

  6. Tara

    @Chris – thanks. We’re looking into it.

    @mikeryan369 – just connect with your browser as you would any other website. You don’t need to use the mobile version, the standard version works just fine.

    @Chris R – Sorry, mobile third party authentication is behind a lot of other stuff on the development road map. You’ll have to set up a standard Passpack login for now. Instructions in this article:

  7. Rene

    Works great on my HTC Desire with 2.2.


  8. Works great on my Desire too (Android 2.2), default browser.

  9. Ralph

    iPhone 4 user.

    OK, at this point I still don’t see how PP for mobile is useful for many websites. The iPhone can copy only one string at a time. For websites with randomly generated (too hard to remember) strings for both username and password, this effectively precludes the use of PP, and I’ve gone to mSecure for my iPhone. Why? Because mSecure saves both username and password in a single string, separated by a colon. I Paste the single string into the username field; Select and Cut the password portion, and Paste into the password field. A bit awkward but the best workaround to the iPhone’s single-string limitation.

    What is the suggested typical use of PP on the iPhone? Does the Passpack It! button install and work?

  10. Tara

    Hi Ralph.
    We just (silently) rolled out the use of the Passpack It! button on mobile. This removes the need to copy/paste in most cases.

    You can install the button under Settings > Auto-login. One caveat – currently in order for the button to work, you need to access Passpack mobile as a website (not using the app-icon on your home).

  11. Ralph

    OK, thanks, it does install and work; nice.
    Now, for those sites that have an app, how about a button on PP mobile that stores username+password in a single string? Then one can copy/paste into the app’s text fields, like mSecure.

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