We know you’ve been waiting very patiently for Passpack’s web mobile version – so we’re opening up a preview that you can use right away while we put on the final touches.

Connect to https://m.passpack.com
Found a bug? Report it in the mobile preview feedback forum

Remember, this is a work in progress. We’ve still got a few glitches, a couple of bare spots and some items to tick off the to-do list. Here’s a quick run down…

What You Can Do Right Now

  • View, add and manage your passwords
  • Send secure messages, and read your archived messages
  • View and (partially) manage your shared users & groups
  • Update most of your account settings

If you’ve set up your mobile favorites, those will be unpacked for you as soon as you login. This will save you lots of memory cycles on your itty bitty device. If you don’t have any mobile favorites yet, then nothing will be unpacked – no worries just click the Unpack all link, or select a tag to unpack entries little by little.

What We’re Still Working On

  • Shared user & groups are mostly functional, but still pretty bare bones
  • Autologin still in progress
  • Sending and receiving passwords via the email encryption deactivated
  • Bulk edit & group management not available yet
  • The navigation needs polishing (hint: to go back, click on a tab)

We’re also working on a really cool feature to access your account quickly… without typing a complicated Packing Key.

Supported Platforms

The preview has been tested so far on iPhone’s native Safari and Opera Mini as well. Safari is decidedly faster.

Feel free to try it out on your Android or other smart phone and let us know how it goes. Please remember that only phones with browsers fully supporting javascript will work.


  1. Mark Isherwood

    Just tried it on my HTC Magic running CyanogenMod 6 (2.2 Froyo). Was easily able to access all my passwords.

    One thing that could use improvement though. I have a Yubikey associated with my account. I was able to get passed it using the ChromeToPhone extension to send the one time password to my phone’s clipboard, luckily it was still valid by the time it got to my phone. It would be nice to have a better solution, possibly having a different authentication for the mobile site.

  2. Nathanael Woodbridge

    Looking good on the iPod Touch. Much easier to navigate that trying to access the desktop site via the small screen.


  3. Grande Francesco!!!
    ne farò abbondante uso!!!! faccio un pò di test e ti faccio sapere

    questo aumenterà di molto il valore percepito e la fruizione di PP; (il valore percepito perché il valore assoluto non è in discussione)

    Lo ammetto sono un tuo fan ;) un fan di PP

  4. Tara

    @Mark – Wow, that’s some impressive system you’ve got there. I believe the “cool feature to access your account quickly” will double as a two factor authentication and will hopefully solve that issue for you.

    @Nathanael – thanks for the thumbs up :)

    @lorenzo – we’re your fans too.

    Cheers all, and remember to leave any bugs or error reports here: http://bit.ly/dfiKDr

    - Tara

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