You asked for it – changes made to your passwords via Passpack Desktop, can be uploaded to your account. Want to test the release candidate? It’s official.

Passpack Desktop 2-way Sync

Local vs. Sync-able Entries

In the entry window in Passpack Desktop, tick Set as local entry only if you’d like the Synchronization procedure to completely ignore the entry. That means it will never be available on your account… unless of course you decide to untick that option in the future. [smile]

Local & To-Sync Labels

Whenever you create a new non-local entry, or make changes one, that entry will be clearly marked with a TO SYNC label in your list. Go to Tools > Sync with to synchronize all changes.

What Syncs and What Doesn’t

Any changes made online can sync down to our Passpack Desktop account. Generally, the entry data can be synchronized from Passpack Desktop “up” to However not all, all, all changes made in Passpack Desktop will sync back to

Here are the three exceptions for Desktop -> Online sync:

  • Whether or not the entry is a favorite
    This is pretty useful since you usually have a totally different set favorites on the desktop as opposed to online. With the upcoming mobile version release, we’re making some changes to how favorites work, so we’re leaving these untouched for the time being.
    If you have set up your favorites separately on the two platforms, you might also want to deselect the favorites checkbox  under Tools > Sync with to keep them from being overwritten during a synchronization.
  • The entry tags
    Passpack entries, and Passpack tags use two completely different databases – so this is a technical limitation, at least for the foreseeable future. Again, if you have set up your tags separately on the two platforms, deselect the tags checkbox  under Tools > Sync with
  • Deleted entries
    This is mostly a precaution. If you want to permanently delete entries from your account, you must do that from your online account. Got it? Ok, let me restate that… if you delete an entry from Passpack Desktop – but not from – the synchronization process will plop it right back into your Desktop account.

Give Us Your Feedback

If you choose to download and try the release candidate, please leave feedback. Thanks for the feedback. All seems to work well, so it’s now an official release. Cheers!


  1. This new candidate with Adobe Air 2 beta now enables the desktop client to work on my 64 bit machine (which it never has before!)

    Kudos to you all… you are doing great work!

  2. Tara

    Thanks David – glad to hear it!

    Following the official release, we’ll also put out a version optimized for Adobe Air 2 (it’s much faster). All things in due time.

  3. Igor Karpov

    Adobe Air? No, thanks. It’s a real CPU-hog thing.

    • Tara

      Igor, yes Air is pretty resource heavy – but it’s certainly worth it to have a copy of your backups. You don’t need to run it daily, just keep it on hand and sync-ed.

      Should ever get stuck without access to your online account – you’ll be so happy to have a backup that you’ll likely not notice the extra CPU cycles. :)

  4. kalvin

    Lovve the system. Would be great to be able to sync to moble phone. Iphone or android phone.


  5. Tara

    kalvin – glad to hear it.

    Check out the suggestions forum regarding the mobile version:

  6. Victor Hooi


    You guys had a Google Gears version before. It’s a bit that got phased out (but then Google Gears was phased out by Google in favour of HTML5 anyway).

    However, is there any word on whether they’ll be a new HTML5-spiffy version, using local storage?

    That would be very cool – and like a few others here said, Air is a bit of a lumbering beast. Personally, I’m banking on it going the way of the dodo (that or a transformation), come HTML5′s increasing presence.


  7. Tara

    Hi Victor-
    Yes, our Google Gears version has been phased out. We have high hopes for HTML5, but for the time being – we’re sticking with AIR. It’s just a matter of not trying to juggle too many versions of the code at once.


  8. Igor Karpov


    Adobe Air also have a pretty bad security history. The fresh vulnerability was discovered days ago:

    It’s very good to have a desktop client, but I’d better stay away from any Air-based software. And CSV is enough for backup purposes. What I would really appreciate is 1Password integration with possibility to export (or even 2-way sync) selected passwords. Of course, it’s my .02 :)

    Whatever, thank you for a great product.

  9. the latest release has made me lose my passwords repeatedly and it appears that the backup did not backup all the passwords.

    Is there a way to do a mass import and set it NOT to sync with the site? Right now everytime I sync, it goes through and deletes a bunch of my password records.


  10. Ariya Subasingha

    I have a passpak account with one entry for one of my email addresses. How do I add other email addresses and the relevant pass words.

    Thank you,
    Yours sincerely


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