While we’re heads down working on the Passpack Web Mobile release, here’s a fun feature you can get set up in the meantime.

Chances are the entries you want to most often access from your smart phone are different than those you most often access from the web (for example, that dang PIN you can never remember while standing in front of the ATM).

No problem, you can set certain entries to mobile favorites so that they are the first ones to load on your phone, instead of your starred web favorites. You don’t have to choose whether an entry is a web or a mobile favorite. It can be both.

Be Fashionably Early

It’s great! It’s groovy! It’s… ready before the mobile version itself?!

Yes it is. We’re releasing this a tad earlier for those of you who adore being the first on the block to get organized. Here’s where to go to play:

  1. Entry Window > Options tab > favorites selection
  2. Password List > click on your favorites icon
  3. Bulk Edit > Apply an Action > Add or remove from favorites


  1. Maxx

    Can’t wait for this! Any estimate on a release date?

  2. Victor Hooi


    Yeah, also very excited for this on my Android phone =). Any word on this, or updates?


  3. Tara

    Victor – It’s coming very soon. We had a short setback due to moving offices, but we’re finalizing it right now. Hang in there!

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