With today’s release, we’ve added “fighting off keyloggers” to the list of ways Passpack protects you and your passwords.

Virtual Keyboard

Pros & Cons

Just for good measure, here’s the pros and cons of javascript keyboards for fighting keyloggers.

Virtual keyboard pros:
  • Protect against keyloggers
  • Easy to type non-standard characters
  • Easy to type on a foreign computer (great for travelers)

Virtual keyboard cons:

  • Slower than actual typing
  • Won’t fool screen logging malware or shoulder surfers


To make sure the on-screen keyboard doesn’t slow down the sign in process for those who aren’t interested, we’ve loaded it into a separate library. To use the keyboards, just click the Show virtual keyboard link anywhere on the sign in or Packing Key screen.

Virtual Keyboard Icon

Once you do that, you’ll automatically see the little keyboard icons anywhere in Passpack that requires typing your password or Packing Key. Click the icon to pull up the keyboard.

The following keyboards are supported: Ukrainian, Macedonian, Pashto, Armenian Eastern e Western, Pinyin, Kazakh, Danish, Slovak, Belarusian, Serbian Cyrillic e Serbian Latin, Bulgarian Phonetic, Swedish, Romanian, Farsi (Persian), Burmese, Slovenian, Hungarian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Lithuanian, Russian, German, French, Polish Programmers, Turkish and Dutch.


Based on Grey Wyvern’s HTML Virtual Keyboard Interface. Thanks!


  1. Daniele

    Good idea! Nice job.


    You’ve done an excellent job, do you read my thoughts???
    Can you enter my mind??

    From now I can use my account without any concern ..
    I was afraid that someone is sending a Trojan horse to the computer
    And keeps track of everything I write on the keyboard
    I liked this website a lot

  3. Tara

    Glad you like it guys!

  4. trojan horses are a bane. not only that, but there are things such as malware and keyloggers. this is very useful.

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