We’ve got a great roll-out for you: Passpack 7.4. Create groups of shared users, and share one (or batches!) of passwords with those groups. Combine that with fully integrated transfer of ownership, and password management starts looking sexy.

Combining Bulk Sharing and Groups you can get your entire company happily on the password management bandwagon.

Shared User Groups

You can add and manage your groups under your People tab (there’s a link right under the tab itself). Check the Help Center for some how-tos, but here’s the gist:

  • You create a group and add some users to it.
  • You share a password with the group – and all group members automatically have access to it.
  • You modify, delete or unshare a password entry with the group – and all changes are automatically propagated to all members.
  • You remove someone from the group – and all group-shared passwords disappear from their account without affecting the others.

How many groups can you have? Free accounts don’t need them since you only have 1 shared user to begin with*. For all premium accounts, check this grid.

Bulk Password Sharing

Shortly after adding bulk deleting, encrypted password emails and other options, we quietly rolled out bulk sharing… so it’s certainly worth mentioning now. What’s bulk sharing good for? If you have 20 passwords you’d like to share with someone, with bulk editing you can share all 20 at once for a huge time savings.

Transfer Password Ownership

This is a really popular request. Let’s say you’ve purchased a Group account which you use as a central password repository. Your all set up, with your 10 employees each with their own Free account, each receiving their passwords in sharing from your central repository. Fabulous!

But what happens when one of your employees has to create a password entry on your company’s behalf? Simple, you let them create the password, then transfer the ownership over to you.

We experimented a little bit with this feature, rolling it out silently… tucked away in the bulk editing actions menu. With Passpack 7.4 the Transfer Ownership feature has been promoted to “official”. Your shared users can not only transfer one (or batches) of passwords to your central repository – but they can do it at the time of creation, or anytime thereafter.

(Do I hear a few people in the back calling for some automation here? I do? Huh, funny I was thinking the same thing myself [wink])


We also tooled with some things here and there that need fixing. Here’s a quick list of some of the minor changes as well:

Basic authentication support.

Password and People tabs remember the last state when switching back and forth.

• Better notifications in Home.

• Mild tweaks to the entry window.

• Your red save all button has a new home (top right of screen).

• Various minor bug fixes including some oddball visual cues.


Go forth, build groups and be merry! Let us know if you run into any hiccups.

* Actually, you can only initiate one shared user, but you have an unlimited number of people that can initiate sharing with you. More on that here.


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