Glamour Italy just printed a piece on Italian tech founders, and guess who got printed in full-page, full-color splendor…

You guessed it, that’s Passpack’s very own CTO Francesco Sullo looking very suave and Magritte-esque. Notice co-founder Tara Kelly (me) is down there in the corner looking cranky for having been upstaged [wink].

And on TV…

Luckily Passpack was recently featured on news tech spot on Rai 3 as well (Italian, requires Silverlight). Good thing that time I got to do the interview… or I really would have been pouty about the big glossy Glamour shot I missed out on.

Some more news

So since we’re already horn-tooting, The Small Business Idea Generator, just featured Passpack as a “Cool Tool” and a couple of weeks ago, we spotted a raving review by super-momprenuer-blog Mothercraft.

Any other recent buzz we’ve missed? Or should we just be thanking our lucky stars that glamorous webworkers worldwide are finally waking up from their password nightmares and getting hooked on password management?

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