Here’s a cool new feature for you, hot of the presses: related tags. Click a tag anywhere in your password list, and you’ll see the related tags with a +

Everytime you click a tag marked with a +, Passpack will filter your list to show you only those entries that contain all the tags you’ve chosen.

This feature is available in either list or cloud view in your tags pane, or directly by clicking the a tag in your password list.

In the example, I first clicked a tag called sothis (a freelance client of mine from days gone). Not only do I get an immediate glance of all the tags that are related to sothis, but I can click on to drill down directly to the entries I’m looking for.

Just click Show all to go back to your full list of tags.

Sub-Folders vs. Related Tags

I’m an organization nut. I’ve spent endless hours in the past obsessing over how best to organize my folders in on my desktop, in my account, everywhere. Yet there always seems to be some items which refuse to sit in just one category.

Related tags are like sub-folders on steroids… just without the old fashioned directory icon. You get to organize every which way. Even those pesky I-belong-everywhere-at-once items can be tackled in a clean and simple way.

Gosh, I think I’ll start a No More Folders movement. Credit where credit is due, Delicious is the granddaddy of related tags.

Ideas for IT Workers

This is really powerful  for those of you who work with multiple clients, on multiple projects. For example,  if you tag entries with client name, project name and type of information (ex. hosting, ftp, crm, etc) then you can do any of the following searches very quickly:

  • Looking for all ftp accounts for a given client:
    Click the client-name tag, then drill down to the ftp tag.
  • Looking for hosting account login for a specific project:
    Click hosting tag, then drill down to the client-name, drill down again to the project-name.

The possibilities are really endless! Have fun, and let us know how you plan to use the related tags drill down to organize your account.


  1. No More Folders is a movement I would support!!! Opera started with their email client, GMail popularized it, I wish it was available every where though – I wish my filesystem would pick-up ID3 tags in MP3 files or EXIF data in my JPG or metadata in PDF & ODF documents and let me navigate my files based on that instead of some arbitrary hierarchy I decided on years ago and is no-longer relevant!!!

  2. Tara

    I completely agree. I’ve been poking my nose around looking for a tag-based OS for a while. Will be nice when someone gets around to making it really work seamlessly.

  3. Nathan

    BeOS had the concept of attaching metadata to files which was used for things like id3 tags. I could only assume you could use it as well for tagging.

    There was also an interesting book written about it that I bought a while ago.

  4. Tara

    Nathan – thanks. Very interesting.

  5. Lewis

    do you have a passpack for ipad/iphone?

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