Did you know that the Opera web browser is having a growth spurt thanks to Microsoft? Well, we certainly noticed the increase in Opera users clamoring for Auto-login 2.0 support. So here it is!

When we first released the advanced Passpack It! button features like double-clicking to get a window like the one below, we had some Opera & Safari compatibility issues.

Auto-login 2.0

In Opera, that window was showing up of-screen and all garbled because of a delay in CSS rendering due to the asynchronous loading of the Javascript files (in layman’s terms: it looked really bad).

The temporary solution was to switch back to the older button. We’ve now resolved the issue and all users are welcome to re-install their Passpack It! button.


  1. Petr

    Wow, how did you do it? I thought, that Opera is not providing others with API and other libraries for createing extensions and add-ons like in Firefox or Chrome.

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