Passpack keeps backup copies of the last successful saves for each and every entry in your account. This ensures that should an entry ever get corrupted, the system will ask you if you’d like to recover the last useful backup.

A glitch in the Internet connection during saving seems to be the only cause identified so far that will cause a corrupted entry alert.

In most cases, this automatic recovery works just fine. At worst you may loose the most recent change you were making to the entry. However, should this automatic restore fail, Passpack will alert you immediately. In the event you get one of these failed recovery alerts you should contact us. We’ll work with you to try and restore the corrupted entry manually.

Tighter Controls & False Positives

We’ve only had a couple reported cases of a failed recovery alert rearing it’s ugly head so far (one of which was a false positive) – but hey… once is enough, so we’re taking care of it.

Over the course of next week, we’ll be rolling out an improvement on the saving procedure to further counteract connection hiccups. Should you get a failed recovery alert, please don’t panic. We have tightened the controls, so there’s a chance there may be some false positives. Just contact customer support and we’ll double check for you.

Scope & Performance

For those who are interested, this is a SHA-1 checksum for server control that data arrives uncorrupted to the server. This SHA-1 checksum is applied to all data. This is not a new control, rather an extension in scope. Previously we were only checking a few key types of data (ex. tags, entries) during saving, while now this has been extended to every single bit getting sent back to the server for saving.

This may make thing run a little slower when saving large amounts of data, though we don’t expect overall performance to be impacted. If you do have a noticeable change in performance, please do the following:

  1. Connect to this website.
  2. Email results to us (PDF, save as HTML, copy/paste or screenshots).
  3. Don’t forget to include a note explaining the issues you are having.

Thank You!

Thanks to the folks who contacted support and worked with us to pinpoint the problems and get them fixed (you know you you are – thank you!).

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