Some months ago we stopped the full support of Gmail authentication to Passpack. Yesterday I was reading the post announcing it, and I had an idea.

Google requires you to configure your account in order to allow the access to the mailbox from external tools. However, yesterday I decided to try and simply authenticate via IMAP on a brand new Gmail account.

Surprisingly… it worked because recently Google changes the default settings. In ten minutes I reversed the code substituting the old library with just two lines.

So the good news is “we fixed it”. The Gmail third party authentication will not be discontinued.

Obviously… your GMail account must have the IMAP Access enabled.


  1. Gilles

    An a mobile version ? I starts to become really important !

  2. I’ve got to agree with Gilles, I’ve been using PassPack for almost three years now, unfortunately, you still don’t have a mobile version. Not having a mobile version is a HUGE mistake, if you watch the industry, you’ve seen that the traffic from Mobile Browsers is starting to increase exponentially. I’m not saying you have to do a native app, but at least a mobile web version would be wise. Until you do my usage level of PassPack will never be what it could be as my main sites that I access daily will not be able to be stored in PassPack as I access them as much from my iPhone as I do from my desktop, probably more in fact. I’m glad to see you all working on things, but priority wise I think you need to reassess. I love your program, you are just crippling yourself.

  3. Jarl

    James: I can’t really see why you are so in need of a mobile version when today we have wireless access almost everywhere. And with modern smartphones like IPhone, displaying and using a page like passpack adds just a few more operations like zooming in and out. Please elaborate.

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