Happy 2010! We almost missed the new year since we’ve been toiling away on the internal alpha testing of the new Passpack Desktop release. Before a formal release, we’d love your help beta testing it – interested?

Here’s what’s new:

  • Many of your favorite features from Passpack.com
    • bulk entry management
    • see your people tab (read only)
    • click icons to copy content from your list
    • updated entry window
  • Offline only entries clearly marked with “local” tag.
  • Improved online sync, including shared passwords [hooray!]

Want To Test It Right Now?

You can. No need to sign up for a beta program, simply download a copy of the beta at the link below and get cooking. We’re announcing this on the blog first so you guys can get the first crack at it.

Testing is over – thank you! You may download the latest release here.

Testing is mostly needed on the update and sync process, so you must, must, must backup your previous Desktop data before testing! Then install the beta. To align your data with your online account, go to Tools > Sync with Passpack.com.

Should anything go wrong, let us know what happened. If you need to recover your data, use the command Tools > Downgrade to stable version.

Please use the comments below to let us know what’s working, and what’s not. That’s it, enjoy. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Update 12/4

Before installing the beta 2, please launch beta 1 and click the “BETA: restore old 1.0.5 pack backup and restart.” link (if you don’t have that link, it’s ok, it means you don’t need it). Then you can close it and install beta 2.

Changes made:

  • Fixed the blank password field
  • Fixed the password history
  • Minor tweaks

Thanks, keep letting us know what you find.


  1. Aurelijus Valeiša

    I don’t know is it me, but download link does not work. Safari does not understand that this is air link. However other apps do work.

  2. Alex

    When trying check for updates I get: There is a newer version of Passpack Desktop available 1.0.5 (your are currently using 2.0.beta1). Do you want to connect to Passpack.com to download the new version?

  3. @Aurelijus
    Hm, even if you right click and choose to download the file? Let me know and I can email it to you.

    To syncronize with your Passpack account, use
    Tools > Synchronize with Passpack.com

    The “check for updates” will check for software updates, which tells you what’s online. I guess the wording isn’t clear – will look into it, Thanks.

  4. Francesco

    I updated the link.
    Now the mime type should be ok :)

  5. Jason

    Hmmm…. link still isn’t working for me. It’s still trying to download a PHP file in Firefox & IE: http://blog.passpack.com/download_Passpack-Desktop2.0.Beta.php.

  6. Francesco

    Sorry Jason. Try now.

  7. Erik

    I am extremely excited to see this release. I installed cleanly on the first try and went straight to the “sync”. It was great to see all of my shared passwords getting added.

    The downside is that I don’t seem to be able to view the password field. If I click on the “*” icon, then the actual password is copied to the clipboard, so the data appears to be there, I just can’t click on the “show” when looking at an Entry Details window.

    Actually, it looks like ALL passwords are like this, not just the shared. In all cases, I can click on the “*” icon and get the password copied to the clipboard.

    Hope that helps. If there is anything specific you guys would like me to try, I’m ready and willing.

    • @Erik, Yes, I know you were waiting for this release. Thanks for the bug reports, we’ll get them fixed. For resizing – no, resizing isn’t supported. You can full screen or keep it as-is. Sorry, I’m wrong, you can drag the edges of the window to resize, though it appears that the cursor is not changing to make that clear.

  8. Erik

    One other thing, I am missing tags from all shared passwords.

  9. Erik

    Last thing, am I not supposed to be able to resize the passpack air window itself? I can’t remember how that functioned on prior versions, but it looks like I can’t resize the application window. I can maximize it though.

  10. Tried the latest. Found that all passwords are not visible or accessible. Was able to downgrade by selecting the Check updates button and that worked like a charm.

  11. @Carlos,
    did you encounter the same issue as Erik described here with invisible passwords in the entry window? Or did you have a different problem?

    Thanks – I just need to understand the exact problem.

  12. Andrew Montalenti

    Hi Tara,

    I just tried Passpack Desktop 2.0. My platform/OS is a PC with Ubuntu 9.04. I have the same issue as Erik, namely, the entry area is blank when you reveal it with the “show” link.

    (BTW, I tried to check my Adobe Air version, but I couldn’t find the right command-line tool to check for that. My Air installation directory name is “1.0″, but I don’t think that indicates the patch revision. )


  13. I had the same issue as Erik, with the exception that the passwords were not made available to me when I copy/paste as he indicated.
    I am unable to click on the asterisk icon and it seems that the passwords are not present at all.

    BTW> I am on Mac OS X 10.6 running the latest release of Adobe Air (version 1.5.3)

  14. Max

    Same here, I have the issue with blank passwords if I press the show button, and double clicking the pwd field doesn’t show the **** so I’m not sure if the pwd was actually copied in the clipboard or not.
    Safari + Air latest release + Snow Leopard 10.6.2

  15. Max

    Also, it looks to me like Passpack desktop is extremely similar to the website, so I switched back to use my Fluid app with passpack, it works fine, until passpack desktop will get fixed.

  16. Andy

    Same problem with blank passwords, but I can copy the password from the main password display screen by clicking the ‘*’ icon. Also, it appears you cannot view historic passwords, via “h” + click the password field like on the web site.

    Looks great though.

  17. Allen

    I, too, cannot see passwords that are in the password field.

    Additionally, I have my startup option to unpack favorites, then unpack the rest in background. It’s stopping at 3% (presumably my favorites?) requiring me to manually click “Unpack all” to unpack the rest.

  18. Thanks All – the blank password bug has been fixed, as well as the password history. I’m updating the post now with a new download for you.

    @Allen, we’re looking into the startup option issue still.

  19. Erik

    re: 2.0b2

    Password is now visible from the entry details window. I confirmed this for both shared and unshared entries.

    Icon changes to a hand when on the edge of the app to indicate I can resize the window. (I would still expect a horizontal or vertical double arrow, but that’s probably nitpicking)

    The only thing that jumps out at me after 5 minutes of clicking around is that all shared entries are missing all tags.


  20. Erik

    I resynced and noticed that a new entry I had created was also missing it’s tags. And this one is *NOT* shared. Maybe it’s the tag sync that is not working 100%?

  21. Erik

    To further explain my previous post… I created a new entry on the web site and when doing a sync with the 2.0b2 AIR version, the new password entry was created, but this new entry was missing the tag that went with it.

  22. @Erik
    Thanks. We actually had not yet implemented the sync on favorites and tags. We’ve just uploaded beta 3 version. Please download that an let let me know how it goes.

    RE: Icon changes to a hand – was the best we could do. AIR doesn’t support all the different cursor types for some odd reason.

    Fluid App isn’t quite the same as Passpack Desktop. Desktop is built so that you can have a local backup copy of your data should you need it. If you’re offline, you won’t be able to load your Fluid App, but you will be able to access your Passpack Desktop.

  23. Camil

    Hourra for the shared password synched. But, i am a manager (with a group account) and i shared some passwords with co-workers, as now the shared passwords are synced and if they leave the company, what appends with the shared passwords ? If they did not synch with their account on the passpack site, they will keep the shared password.

  24. Erik

    LOVE IT. Tags are there for me after a simple sync. I can’t find anything to say about it that is not working for me. Thanks passpack crew!

  25. bob

    OK, I downloaded PasspackDESKTOP_2-0-beta3.air but XP doesn’t know how to open a .air file. What’s next?

  26. @Erik – great!

    @bob – you may not have Adobe Air installed. Sorry I didn’t mention this in the post. Just follow the instructions on this page, but instead of installing the .air file there there, install the PasspackDESKTOP_2-0-beta3.air that you just downloaded.

  27. sz

    sync do not work

    passpack server refuses to speak you, blabla.
    offline online dot’t match

  28. Francesco


    To sync your offline/online data, your accounts have to be configured in exactly the same way:

    same User ID
    same Password
    same Packing Key

    If not, it will not sync.
    To align the two accounts, go to the menu “Account” and change the necessary information.

  29. sz

    no no. that’s ok. i put “delete local acc” and sync work now

  30. Running version 2.0 beta3 on Mac OS X 10.6.2 with 4GB RAM.

    When the app is in the background for about 5 minutes, it crashes. I don’t know if it is being caused by the app trying to initiate the lock down procedure. I have the Crash log available if you want them. Just drop me a line.


  31. dair

    what filetype by *.air
    and i try to change the suffix air to rar but it’s not work

  32. @Carlos
    It sounds like the lock procedure, but we haven’t been able to reproduce it. Can you send the crash log to me here? Thanks, I appreciate it.

    Just follow the instructions on this page:

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