There are a lot of USB drives aimed at improving login security. The Yubikey is my favorite. It is compact and smart, and now you can use it to sign in Passpack.

Tara met Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO & Founder of Yubico, during Red Herring’s ETRE 2008, in Stockolm. In that occasion, Stina gave a Yubikey to Tara. I pondered it for a while, and now we have finally decided to do an integration. Actually… two.

You can use the Yubikey either as a Two Factor Authentication between your Passpack Password and Packing Key… or you can use it to replace the Passpack Password and skip straight to the Packing Key.

The Yubikey in action

Option 1: Yubikey as a Third Party Login

As usual, if you want to associate the Yubikey login to you account, go to Account > Associate Another Login and start the process (how to).


If you are not already a Passpack user, you can create an account directly using one of the supported Third Party Logins, now including Yubikey. Of course, I strongly suggest to have a standard Passpack account as well for back up. In fact, in the case that it is not possible to access your Third Party service  for any reason (did you loose your Yubikey?), will then be able to access your account via the standard sign in process. Alternatively, you could associate al least two Third Party Logins.

Option 2: Yubikey as Two Factor Authentication

This is for people who want to further secure their access to Passpack.
To configure your account to use Yubikey, simply go to Settings > Two Factor Autentication. You will see the following screen.


Choose the second option and press Continue. Passpack will then ask you to press your Yubikey and … you’re done.

Please note: Some Internet Cafès or public computers may not allow you use a USB drive for fear of keyloggers. In these cases, you will not be able to access your Passpack account from those computers.


  1. magnus

    Funny, I was wondering if I would buy some of those keys… now I may have a reason.

    After that. My next wish is the Android mobile version of passpack.

  2. Hi – My IT team uses passpack and I’m looking for a way to use Yubikey for a second factor authentication – can I enforce using a yubikey that I provide to allow a user on my team access to a password I share with them? The idea is that I want them all to have unique usernames and I share with them the passwords they need to see for their roles in the organization – but I also want to make them use a second factor like a yubikey so on the road, checking a simple password isn’t such a big deal.

    I’m a little stuck on working these details out. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance…


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