Happy Autumn! We sweat our way through the end-of summer heat and just rolled out a series of little fixes, features and tricks.

More Auto-login Improvements

We’ve managed to nearly complete the browsers compatibility list. After the last release, a few users were concerned that the Passpack popup was being blocked by NoScript. Francesco and Giorgio Maone had a quick phone call on how to possibly solve the issue. In implementing those changes, the side effect was a better browser compatibility. Alas, it still doesn’t work with NoScript. Here’s the list:

  • Firefox 3+ (maybe 2 as well… you tell us)
  • Explorer 6, 7 & 8 (IE6 is still quirky, but “works”)
  • Chrome 2+
  • Safari 4
  • Opera - Sorry, still working on compatibility.

We also incorporated bug fixes in and around the handling of 1 Click Login vs. Click Through from your account logging in. We’ll continue with even more improvements.

Email Single Entries – No Bulk Edit Required

Click on an entry and have a look in the lower left-hand corner for the “email this” link. You can now send an encrypted entry to any person with an email – not just the folks in your People tab. We first introduced this feature as a Bulk Edit option, and have now extended it to single entries as well.

Wait, passwords via email?! No, no. Of course not. The entry will be encrypted and set aside securely on our server. Then a notification will be sent to your friend’s email, something like this:


Time Saving Trick

Want to quickly rename an entry? No need to open it up, just hold down “E” on your keyboard and click on the name in your list.


Type away then press ENTER to commit the change, or ESC to cancel.

You can do the same with your tags as well.

Last But Not Least – Thank You Beta Testers!

My mother would have my head if she found out we released Auto-login 2.0 and haven’t yet thanked our beta testers (she’s actually on Facebook, so please no one tell on me [wink])! So without further ado, here they are in random order:

Thanks everyone! Also, to those of you who wrote into customer support to let us know the glitches you were running into – your help was very much appreciated. Please continue to keep us informed.

Greg Davis


  1. Keep up the great work!

  2. Erik

    Is the idea of Passpack AutoLogin and NoScript coexisting peacefully dead?

    I’ve been stalling, but if it’s definitely not going to work, then I am going to have to pick which I want to give up: either increased security with NoScript or increased convenience of the autologin.


  3. @Greg – thank you!

    @Erik – While we can’t promise NoScript compatibility, though we’ve not stopped working on it yet. To be honest, we’ve already completely reorganized the way the popup window works on our end to see if NoScript can meet us half way. We’re in contact with the author, but he understandably has reserves. The popup makes use of the typical XSS techniques that NoScript is specifically built to stop. If we work something out, it’ll need to be with his help.

    Like I said, no promises, but hold off on your decision for a little while longer.

  4. Erik

    Honestly, I would most likely choose PassPack over NoScript anyway. I will keep looking for updates! Thanks.


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