As you all know, Passpack has a suggestions box (you do know that right?) where you can vote up the most requested features, or send us your own ideas.

Since you won’t get any reply when you leave a suggestion – write into the help center if you need a reply – but here are a few interesting things we caught in there that I wanted to respond to:

Please allow sharing of logins/passwords with multiple people for free.

We do that! The free account allows you to start active sharing with 1 person AND you can receive passive sharing from an unlimited number of people. Read this article for a how-to.

The mobile app (for the iPhone) should be free.

Hm, well, we don’t have the mobile interface rolled out yet – but it’ll be free.

When I register at a new site, I want save it to Passpack at the same time, rather than having to go back and retype all the info into an entry.

Yup. That’s coming in soon with Auto-login 2.0 (in private Beta testing now).

“Copy password to clipboard” button for logging in to sites without the standard auto login.

You can do that now from your password list, here’s how. Also, the Auto-login 2.0 will extend that feature greatly.

Also, don’t forget that we use the number of votes a feature request gets to help us prioritize the development schedule. Right now, the mobile versions and Desktop improvements are leading the pack – so use the checkboxes on to vote for your favorites.


  1. JF

    I am impressed! But what prevents a malicious employee of your company or your data center from changing the packing/unpacking code on your web server before that code is downloaded and executed in my browser? (Such a scenario is not prevented by using SSL/https.) The employee could change the code so that your browser posts your unencrypted data back to passpack or elsewhere. What processes or technology do you have in place to prevent that?

    • Hi JF – Thanks for stopping by. The short answer is: only one person has access to production code, Francesco Sullo, founder and CTO.

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