I’m thrilled to announce that Passpack has received an additional 74,000 euro follow-on investment from Zernike Meta Ventures.

ZMV first invested in Passpack in late May 2008, and has renewed that commitment (let’s celebrate!) just last week with additional funding. Folks, in this time of extreme crisis, and companies starving to death for cash – this feels really good.

What Are the Funds For?

1. Continued Product Development. We’ve already got Auto-login 2.0 underway (it’s sooo much better – watch for a call for testers in the next day or so). We’ll follow that up with enhancements to the collaboration features and set-up process.

We’ve also got a complete CSS revamp (yikes!) slotted. A less obvious change unless you’re digging around our source code, but much needed to speed up the process of pushing new features/versions/themes out the door…you know, that list of stuff we’ve got to do.

2. Infrastructure. No more unplanned outages. You need your logins always, and I need to avoid an ulcer (but please download Desktop, and sync it, for back up).

3. Marketing. Remember that survey we had you take? You filled it out in droves! Not only did that help us show our investors how much you support Passpack, it also helped us understand how to improve AND gave us some ideas on how to reach new people that will love Passpack too! So we’re going to test the marketing waters with a little-bit-o-budget.

4. Mo’ Better Content. We’ve been sorely neglecting this blog, and there’s a long list of help videos that would be really useful and a few people have asked for forums or a monthly tips newsletter. We’re still working out a priority for these things, so  if you have specific requests for content, speak up in the comments.

5. Super top secret stuff that I can’t tell you about. [smile]


Overall, Passpack is doing well. Revenues from the paid packages are growing slowly but surely, we’ve done the recession proofing, and now we have additional funds to continue to grow.

Thanks to ZMV, and thanks to YOU.


  1. Daryl

    Congratulations on the new funding – great to hear that a product I am replying on is attractive to investors too! Although I do kind of see myself as an “investor” as I bought the upgrade even though I don’t quite need it yet.
    One comment on the marketing, before you do that can you do some work on the help info and get Auto-Login 2.0 live? This is fairly crucial in stopping me from evangelising about PassPack just yet.
    Oh, and one other thing, some incentives for existing users perhaps to “spread the love”…! Yup, I’m talking about free stuff. Even if it’s just a mug/t-shirt or a small extension to our passwords limit :)

  2. @Daryl
    Thanks – every single one of us are investors, I completely agree :)

    And yes, we will be completing the auto-login before spending on marketing. It’s a must-have.

    On free stuff… Passpack is free! ;)

  3. Congrats on the new funding to you Tara and the entire team, I am sure you will use the money as good as you can and it will bring impressive results. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the progress with PassPack.

  4. Thanks Svetlana! Great to see you on the blog — and good luck with your startup as well!

  5. kwanbis

    Very good! I have been using Passpack for some years.

    Some suggestions:

    1) CATEGORIES. Please.
    2) DESKTOP: can the dam thing minimize to system tray?
    3) DESKTOP: Nice to have: Messages sync also.

    Thanks! Excellent work.

  6. It is a web based password and data tracking tool that now works offline. Passpack is pleasingly simple to use and very responsive.

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