Need to share passwords with another Passpack user, or administer them to someone in your organization? Say hello to Secure Sharing.


When you log into your Passpack account, you should see a few more changes too. Read on to learn more.

Automatic Saving

No more pressing big red save button, Passpack will automatically save your changes as you go [smile]. Autosaving is activated by default. If you’d like to turn it off go to Settings > Packing & Saving and change the Automatically Save Changes option to No.

Search, Tags & Filters

We’ve rearranged the interface a little bit. We’ve move the search box and tags to the left together with a new Quick Filters panel which should make it a bit easier to find this faster. You can filter for:Quick Filter Panel

  • All of your passwords
  • Favorites only
    …and, click more option to see…
  • Recently added, deleted or changed items (only if Autosave is turned off)
  • Shared items, grouped by who’s sharing with who and user name
  • Security level

We also did some similar tidying up in your People tab. You can filter for:

  • Everyone
  • Your shared users
  • Alphabetical order (cleaned it up, and moved it to the left)

The Messages tab will likely follow suit…

Home Tab

In an attempt to make getting started easier, we’ve revamped the home tab adding some quick explanations and videos. More importantly, we’ve added some status updates, news and notifications. Check it out.

Entry Window

This is the first time we’ve made changes to the entry window since… ever. We took advantage of the introduction of secure sharing to clean up a bit. Some changes:

  • Notes are now in a mini-tab unto themselves.
  • Options mini-tab where you can set favorites or security level
  • Sharing mini-tab where you can assign passwords to people with either view only or view & modify permissions
  • Password generator moved to the upper right
  • Shared entries are Orange
  • We killed the Go There button as it caused a bit of confusion for new users (let us know if you miss it) Back by popular demand.

Click to Copy

Copy to clipboardYou know those little content icons in your main password list? Now you can click on any one of them to quickly copy the contents to your clipboard.

If you don’t see them, go to Settings > Appearance to change your preferences.

What Else is New?

A few odds and ends changes, fixes and tweaks, among which:

  • Go to Tools >Password Suggestions to launch the password generator anytime you’d like, not just from within the entry window.
  • More import options, including Keepass and Clipperz.
  • Moved User ID, Password, Packing Key and email to the Account tab.
  • You can now rename the people in your People tab.
  • Delete entry trash can to the right of each item in your list.


I think I’ve covered all the major changes. So go forth, share and be merry. Let the feedback roll… (contact us here if you run into any problems).


  1. Mike

    Amazing update! thankyou!

  2. Andre

    Yaay! Waking up here & seen the news…will try the new features and “kick the tires” around the new portions of the site. Huzzah!

  3. Matthew

    Overall, I like the changes. I don’t understand killing the Go There button though, I used that one quite a bit and would like to see it brought back.

    I’ll still keep recommending Passpack to all of my friends!

  4. Allen

    After beta testing pp7, going back to 6 was tough — glad it’s finally released!

  5. Tara

    Glad y’all like it :)

    @Matthew – Yes, I was torn on that one. I’m keeping my ears open.

  6. Glenn

    Yea, I miss the “go there” button….pls put it back…

  7. Allen

    @matthew I was initially pretty upset about that too — but did you know you can copy fields via the icon column now? Copying right there without having to open the full item for pages that can’t be auto-filled works great.

    (For me, the only time I opened the popup was if a site couldn’t be auto-filled)

  8. Tim

    +1 for bringing back the Go There button.

  9. Matthew

    @Allen, @Tara: I’m sure that after a few days using the updated version I’ll come around. I always enjoy the new features and how I can integrate them into my daily use, but sometimes I like knowing the “old way” still works in cases where I become unfamiliar or am on a different system.

    This is a great, very functional product that is an integral part of my computing life.

  10. Yippie! I can rename my contacts! :-)) and rounded corner on tabs!


  11. Tara

    @Matthew, @Tim, @Glenn
    Yup, I’m listening. :) What do you think of the rest of the changes?

  12. Francesco

    @Allen, @Glenn, @Matthew, @Tim

    “Go there” is in the entry windows again.
    It doesn’t appear if you are adding a new entry, but only during editing.

  13. Ole Erik

    The “Passpack it!” button doesnt work in firefox anymore?

    The point i use passpack is gone, both for me and my friends.

    Will it ever function again?

    • Tara

      @Erik – It should work fine (mine does), but we have had a couple of reports of folks having issues.

      Can you contact Thanks – we need to figure out exactly who is having problems, and why so that we can fix it.

  14. Jas

    Great app, great update.
    A feature I’d really like is some way to search for passwords (added) within a specific date range. Any way to do this?

    • Tara

      I believe we’ll be adding additional advanced search options fairly soon. So yes, it’s possible.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  15. Excellent updates. Love everything you guys do and will be back with questions if I have any.

    Just wrote about this update in my blog as well.

  16. Johannes

    One click login seems to be working again. Whatever you guys did seems to have fixed it, Hurray!

  17. Like the changes… Especially the ease of downgrading security levels for each site. Hadn’t noticed this before and it makes it a lot quicker to load.

    How about replacing the old “Go There” button with the same symbol used to the left of each entry in the list? That might reduce confusion. You could have a tooltip that tells the user that clicking the button will “visit the site”.

    Also – I’d really love to be able to hit the “Suggest password button” or maybe a “quick suggest password” button and have it do all these things:

    * populate the password field with random password
    * Copy that password to clipboard
    * Not open any suggestion window — so that all this happens with one click


  18. PS. Just noticed the copy functionality – thanks @Allen. That really is a killer feature… This is going to make it a lot quicker to use PassPack! Suggestion for new users would be alt tags / tool tips / hover-over help text to tell user what each icon means (noticed this doesn’t appear on windows Firefox, haven’t checked on linux Firefox yet).
    Thanks for a great app. The new updates are a real improvement!

  19. numaxx

    this is amazing, but im the only one, that would love to see a firefox addon of passpack??

  20. Kate

    How about having the Desktop app minimize to the notification tray so it’s out of the way. Or capable of adding to sidebar. Or both! ;-)

  21. Tara

    Yup. We’ve still got a few improvements to add to the Passpack 7 release that have come about from post-release feedback. Updates to the Desktop will follow (going to wait for the the feature set to stabilize first). The plan is to get it to minimize to the tray.

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