Quick release note. Passpack Desktop and Passpack Offline Version users, please go and download the most latest updates from the products page.

We’ve made a few minor updates and have realigned the functionality on both the Adobe AIR and Google Gears platforms. More importantly, a bug was fixed which was effected people who changed their Packing Key in the Desktop or Offline version, then were unable log back into the offline account afterwards.

  • If you have encountered this bug, please contact the Help Center for further instructions.
  • If you have never encountered this bug, simply download the newest versions and you’re all set.

This bug is not present online, it effects the installable products only.

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  1. Mike

    I did test drive the Passpack Desktop. I was able to get my online PW notes into the desktop version.

    But the note field content was not transfered during sync in any direction.

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