1. I wasn’t aware that Google and Windows Live were OpenID providers… are they?

  2. LethAL

    It makes more sense to me to store OpenIDs inside passpack, but I’m sure plenty of people will like this.

  3. @Omar
    No, they’re not. We support all three — which are separate. Sorry about that, didn’t mean to create confusion.

    Me too, but to each his own. Storage for OpenIDs is coming too. One step at a time :)

  4. Ralph

    Passpack alway gets stuck on the “One moment please…” page and only a refresh of the page gets me signed in. My OpenID provider is myopenid.

    Any workaround?

  5. Hi Ralph,
    Yes, sorry about that, I think we need to explain the process better. Passpack will open a new window in order to do the authentication (it’s a long story as to why, but I can have Francesco explain it to you if you’d like).

    We set it up so that it shouldn’t be perceived by the browser as a popup, but it sounds like a popup blocker might be the issue here.

    I don’t know what browser/OS/settings/plugins you’ve got, so I can’t give you specific instructions – but try and allow Passpack to open popups and that should do it.

    Let me know how it goes.

  6. Ralph

    Tara, i allowed popups for Passpack, but it still opens in a new tab and just stops until i refrsh the ‘bridge’ page.

    I’m using Firefox 3 and Ubuntu hardy

  7. Hm, that the bridge pages opens in a new tab is a good thing – that nothing happens at that point, isn’t.

    I’m also using Firefox 3 on Ubuntu and can’t reproduce this. Let me forward it on and see if Francesco or Joe can figure it out.

  8. Ralph

    Tara, funny thing is it stops and after a reload of that page it resumes and works as it should… say, you available on any IM service for some more feature suggestions? just drop me a mail.

  9. Paul Reed

    I didn’t read the instructions before linking my Passpack account to my Verisign PIP, SORRY!!!
    I instead have created a new Passpack account, which I do not want, but having now read the instructions, I cannot link the two together because I have already linked my PIP to a NEW Passpack account.
    I want to link the account with a number of passwords already added to my PIP, and delete the Passpack account that has none.
    I have entered this as a support question, but got a blank page when I submitted it, so am writing here instead.

  10. I think this improvement is very very good. I was storing my OpenIDs in Passpack but then I have figured out the “authenticate via SSL(TLS)” option in myOpenID and now using it to login to my Passpack account. Keep up the great work :)

  11. Instructions say: “The process is identical for Google and Windows Live,” [for associated an existing Passpack account with a 3rd party provider, but there are no buttons for formatting the ID for either Google or Windows Live. I’ve never used any other format other than my email address, but this doesn’t yield success for this process. Any other clues that could help?

  12. I got it working. Firefox and IE wouldn’t work for me, but Google Chrome did. I had to refresh the page after I clicked “Start the Process”

  13. i want login free google

  14. The links for OpenID, Google, Facebook, etc. are too small!
    All these login options are great though :)

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