Wow, this week has caused a mini buzz storm around Passpack. Here’s a few highlights.

The discussion is languishing on that last one (anyone disagree? agree? not understand?), but we did bring it to the attention of AjaxPatterns author Michael Mahemoff, he picked up the news on Ajaxian together with the release of the Host-Proof Hosting Library.

More News:

Password helper Passpack goes offline (in a good way)
… on blog too!

Dion Almaer
Passpack: Gears? AIR? Why choose!

Passpack Enables Offline Password Management with Gears

Download Squad
Passpack password manager goes offline with Passpack Desktop

Ryan Stewart
Passpack Desktop Client Built on AIR

Passpack for the Desktop!

Adobe AIR Marketplace
Staff Picks!

Thanks everyone! We’ve got more coming…

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